Consul Report


Consul Report

Disciples of Darth Sidious,

It has been an enjoyable month within the Clan and I believe we are all beginning to feel less exhausted from our efforts in the Rites of Supremacy: Second Darkness. In fact, with participation being so high in the CSP Olympiads: Summer Games... I would dare say the entire Clan is ready for the Seventh Great Jedi War.

And, to prepare you for a large scale event, the House Summits of Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus have both prepared a special competition for their House respectively. Missio Draco is currently in progress and being hosted by Aedile Nathaniel, while Thran and Rasilvenaira finish the prep-work on the Golden Iris Conflict. Both Houses should have plenty of activities to keep them busy... good luck to all of you!

The Message

The Consul is not perfect... I am not perfect. In fact, when graded against what the 'ideal' of a Consul should be, I scored well... but not perfect.

A lot of times a Clan is held together by several strong individuals... those hoping, pushing and fighting for change. Not change for change's sake (futile, insignificant things), but a shift in the Clan's paradigm... the way they operate, feel and interact. And, since I joined Scholae Palatinae, I have seen this Clan make a multitude of changes in conjunction with several shifts.

Change is arduous. It shakes up the norm, it can make us feel powerful... or it can make one feel insignificant. Too often those whom have the power to effect change get tunnel-vision on their goals, their ideals... and the views, opinions, outcries of a member are disregarded or discarded if contrary to those of the powerful. And upon careful reflection and meditation (last couple days) I realized that I had lost my way to the path I am leading us towards.

Success is measured by the peace we find in ourselves. I have sworn to refuse success until my mission here is complete, which means I give myself no peace... an admirable trait of an individual affecting change across the entire Clan; however, it is a negative in the CON department. I've allowed my tunnel-vision to make me blunt, unemotional... and it has erected a barrier between myself and the feelings of some of the members.

So if you have ever felt slighted, offended or mistreated... I apologize and am trying to make a conscientious effort to rectify that attitude as I continue my work on behalf of your (the member's) Clan.

Clan Projects

Speaking of work on behalf of CSP... I am going to give the run down on several projects being coordinated at the Clan-level that are being done to improve the overall atmosphere and functionality of the Clan.

Clan Site - A new Clan site has been coded and a team of nuts (psychos) are working together to fill in the content, provide links and ensure the site functions properly before we swap it out with the old site. The primary improvement (beyond adding tons of content) is that the web site will host hide-away menus to allow for easier navigation and more content to be added.

Clan Dominion - This is a project I have been working on for like... ever... I've completed 10 pages of notes on our four planets and am awaiting to 'talk turkey' with the Grand Master and his Praetor concerning a fictional development on behalf of the Clan. Once this final 'twist' has been decided, I can convert my notes to fancy typed, written descriptions and release a new Planets document.

Clan Prospectus - This project, I am happy to report, is done. Just kidding! Phoenix and I are saving one last character development project for the Clan (after we talk with the GM & P:GM!) that will broaden our 'scope' of what Paths of the Dark Side are available under the banner of Scholae Palatinae. Otherwise, some loose ends exist, but she is good to go!

Clan Competitions

The Clan Summit felt that... while we enjoy hosting big competitions... we should at least alternate or provide a differing form of competition during times of non-Vendetta activity. So a series of competitions will be hosted by the Consul, Proconsul & Knight Class Envoy to attack a certain focus of competition.

The Knight Class Envoy will host several "Jedi Hunter & Below" competitions, designed to help younger members succeed. In addition, he will oversee Clan IRC Trivia & a Weekly Caption Contest.

The Proconsul will host several "All-Star" Events to reward the individual that has succeeded in respective fields of activity: Gaming Nights, Shadow Academy, Antei Combat Center & Trivia. These will be awarded at the end of every month with varying levels of Crescents (3rd or 4th).

The Consul will host a continuous topic called "Current Events." The premise is that you can write a character development piece centered about any event - pertaining to your character - that has occurred in the Brotherhood's current timeline. One can write about an award/promotion received, a trial/task set by their Master, competing against the Brotherhood's best (SIT? ICTE? ACC?). It allows for great diversity and an unlimited range of topics every month... good luck and good hunting!

Clan News

Congratulations are in order to each Battle Team Leader in the Clan... each of these individuals are responsible for overseeing their people, working on projects for the team and so much more... Good work Cethgus (Souls of Darkness), Impetus (Dragon Seraphim) and Gavan (Mandalorian Comrades).

I'm pleased to pass on that two of our members have been elected to the Dark Voice Staff... Congratulations to Yadar and Arion! Their work will shape the future progression of the club newsletter!

Major kudos to Karva and Daniel Stephens... these two - combined with several Clan leaders - busted their butts to provide a very workable, enjoyable experience with the Summer Games. We all owe them a round of applause (and a round at the bar).

speaking of the Summer Games...

Coctyus Olympiads: Summer Games

For twenty one (21) days with twelve (12) events available to our members, we saw the dawning of a new summer tradition within the Clan. The Cocytus Olympiads received over thirty five (35) participants, over one hundred eighty (180) submissions and saw one hundred twenty five (125) crescents given out for activity and skill!

That is amazing... and why it will be back next year... and, maybe, a Winter Games version, too!


We are a Clan built on the precepts of equality amongst our members... we must never lose sight of this. This Clan has the chance to show the Brotherhood that elitism and winning do not go hand-in-hand, but a team effort and a common mission are the best means to any end. Show them that values, integrity and friendships that this Clan is built upon... show them what it is to be a part of Scholae Palatinae.

I am, your servant,

Braecen Kaeth Kunar

Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Safeguarder of Sheep

Braecen Kunar (Krath Pontifex) / CON-M:MAA-GC-EP / Clan Scholae Palatinae

[GMRG: RG3-G] [PA: Elder] [ACC: CE:1]

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You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be...

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