Herald Report


Herald Report

These are some temp graphics until I get around to actually making new ones.

  • Custom everything still on hold, but you can submit requests for sabers and banners. Tyren and Raven are working on this stuff.

  • Use the form. If you do not, you will be blacklisted. I've heard many tales of people trying to be cute by submitting requests directly to HRLD staff and choosing what they consider the best. This is a waste of resources having everyone make a different version of the same thing.

  • Office site is underway now that I have FTP Access back. Thanks Jac!

  • Forum skins for Sith, Krath and Obelisk are now available. At the bottom of the forums you'll find the pull down menu. You can choose Blue, Red or Violet Steel, and Charcoal.

  • The Official Trailer for the LucasFilm's own Clone Wars 3D cartoon was released. Aside from being 3D it looks like the art direction is similar to the original Gennedy Tartovsky series. Be on the lookout for eerily familiar scenes from all throughout the saga being remade.

  • As if that wasn't enough, check out the trailer for this fan flick toon. All I can say as an animator is Holy Crap... I need to get back into that. Serious dedication, and the art style mirrors the Gentle Giant statues.

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, coming out for all the latest generation of gaming systems, will be a cut above the original individual games. There'll be new levels, new characters and a host of new features.

  • While you're over at Star Wars.Com checking out the trailer for Clone Wars, pop over to Humor and watch the "On The Couch" trailer for Robot Chicken's Star Wars special. Classic.

  • Jac wrote me a note telling me to check out this info on Force Unleashed.

  • More Force Unleashed info from Celebration IV here.

  • SW 30th Anniversary Edition Minis for the "Mage Knight/Hero-Clix" style game are coming soon! Check them out.

  • Knights of the Old Republic #17 should be on sale now. Sources say Monday's US holiday delayed release.

Those Forum skins are sweet! Nice job. :)


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