Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Last weekend I got to thinking, I haven't done an SA course in like, forever. So I looked through them and decided to do the History of the Sith Empire I. I submitted my answers and waited for it to be graded. I waiting several days and never received anything in my email, so I started thinking, 'What if there was some computer glitch and my answers didn't make through?' I don't like pestering those that grade stuff and whatnot as I know how annoying it can be and I wasn't sure who did that examine anyway, but I emailed Anshar, who, as always, was most gracious. He said their records showed I took that course last August...

I looked at my doss and sure enough, I had already taken it. How sad is it when you don't even remember which SA Courses you've taken. :-P

Guess I have to do History of the Sith Empire II now. Better check my doss first though, huh?

Well, this week in HLK...


Nik-Qui Kuz earned a Cluster of Fire

Saradomin earned a Cluster of Fire

Ashia Kagan Keibatsu (Hey! That's me!) earned 10 Cluster of Fires.

Yay us!!!

SA Courses Passed

We had 6 SA Courses passed this week (7 if you include mine, even though it wasn't graded, I'm sure I passed as I had done the course before. It explained why all the information sounded familiar. :-P)

Davin Olar passed the Capital Starship Studies course

Xar'Ekun passed the Marksmanship course

Nik-Qui Kuz passed the Dark Jedi Meditation, Krath Grammar Studies, Conflict Mediation and the ACC Initiates courses.

Congratulations, all of you!


Sadly, we had no promotions this week. Hopefully we'll have a bunch next though!

Keep working gang! Those sabers are getting closer!

New Members

This week we had the following join our ranks:

Raith Rosik

Darken Wolf


Demios Nyx

Welcome! We are glad to have each of you in House Ludo Kressh!


Attacking the Clones ends tonight!!

That's it folks. The last of these events will be finished tonight. Then we wait the final word from the judges and all the cool shineys!!

With that in mind you may be wondering, 'Are there other comps I can partake in since this one is ending?' Well, as luck would have it, there are several comps running that the entire DJB can compete in for cool stuff.

Thorin (sorry, Derev) has a Dark Voice logo comp running until the end of June. If you like doing graphics, check it out, your creation might grace the Brotherhood's news letter. He also has a DV article comp running until June 11th.

Anshar has the SA Trivia running still for you trivia buffs.

Ricco Vao has Junes Monthly Topics comp up and going, so check that out too.

Everything is on the competitions listing so go do something creative!!

Aedile's Addendum

I'm going to wait one more week and do trivia (I know you are all very, very sad). I'm going to try and get some good questions for you and resume it with next weeks report.

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