Dark Voice Tribune Report


Dark Voice Tribune Report

Dark Voice Tribune Report #1

6-10-07 - SBM Derev Niroth

Well, Well, Well. Someone put Derev in a position where his reports show up on the main DB news page. Someone should check on Sarin's sanity ;)

Joking aside, Dark Voice Tribune Reports will be coming out on a monthly basis, generally about a week before the Issue is published. Yes, you heard that right - as of now, the Dark Voice is a Monthly Publication, although I'm still tweaking when the issue will release each month. More on that later.

So, what can you expect from the new Dark Voice? A lot, to be honest. I'm pushing my staff, and we're going to have some cool results. Theres a "Think Tank" going on right now, so I can't give you many details, because they're still being discussed. But you can expect a whole new level of content. Real integration with the SW Universe, and progression of the DB Storyline.

In this issue, you're going to get some GJW stuff. Nothing huge, but it might get your appetite going a little bit. You're also going to regularly see stuff that appears totally irrelevant now, but a few months later, you're going to go "damn, they told us about this in the Dark Voice 3 months ago!".

We're working on a reward system, for staff and submitters alike - avenues for you to get perhaps more then a DSS for your work on the Dark Voice, if it's upto par.

The New Dark Voice will be "in-character", much like reading your local newspaper. Even the presentation will be new - as of now, we're undecided on what the July issue will look like, but its either going to resemble a magazine or a newspaper. Should be fun to see.

Also, I want to give Kudos to a few staff members, who've been going above and beyond since my appointment. That said, Dismal, Odin and Kaz, ya'll are kickin ass. Keep it up ;)

That's all I've got for this month..expect slightly more in-depth reports in the future ;)

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