Dark Voice Tribune Report


Dark Voice Tribune Report

Dark Voice Headquarters, Antei

Office of the Editor-in-Chief

Dark Voice Tribune Report #2

7-10-07 - SBM Derev Niroth

Welcome Back to the Wonderful World of your Dark Voice Tribune. It's been a fun ride so far, just over six weeks on the job. There's some actual useful information in this report, so check it all out if you've got the time! In case you missed it, we did publish our first issue under our new management. If you missed it, be sure to check it out:

Dark Voice, Issue II, Volumn IV

Overall, the feedback I received was quite good, the only real complaint was the lack of a nice layout, which everyone was warned before hand about. Expect more of the same, but with a sexy layout, in the next issue.

Email Addy and Website

So people stop asking, here it is:

http://dv.darkjedibrotherhood.com/ <-- Dark Voice Website (has actual content besides the issues, go look)

dv[at]darkjedibrotherhood[dot]com <-- Email Address for any submission you want to make to the Dark Voice. Goes to all the 'leaders' in the DV, and Sarin and Jac and Muz. Don't abuse it. Also, use this for any general questions you might have, or just email me directly.

Next Issue, GJW (ftw!)

Speaking of the next issue. With a GJW (ftw!) bearing down on us in five(!) days (ftw!), the decision has been made to not publish a Dark Voice for the duration of the GJW. However, that dosen't mean you won't be seeing the pretty faces of your Dark Voice Correspondants! Indeed not, as my staff departs to fight the good fight with whatever concoxtion we cook up in this GJW, they'll be sending reports back to DVHQ (errm, yah, so we don't have a HQ yet, just a run down shack, but they'll be sending me reports none-the-less!).

So, keep an eye peeled for seeminly odd and random news posts from myself during the GJW. You never know what might be relevant, and what is just the random ramblings of a staff member with lightsaber insanity (looks at Dismal).

The Think Tank

In my last report, I mentioned a 'Think Tank' was underway. Well, we've concluded this about 10 days ago or so, and I'm very well pleased with the results. Kudos to almost all of you who took part. Some of you just sucked, I won't lie (read: if you didn't actually participate, you sucked :p..looks at Vladek). There were some great ideas, and it went over quite well. Sometime soon, you'll be able to see the fruits of this Think Tank - Standards of Publication, a Mission Statement, as well as some policies that were decided upon (how "free-speach" will play into the Dark Voice, for example). They also impacted the way we'd report the news, and even the layout we'll be using (to a point, anyway :)). So, once again, Kudos to all of you. The Think Tank wasen't exactly worthy of merit awards, but those of you who took part and contributed a lot, i'll be emailing your superiors, so they can count it as negligable activity. Kudos!

Wanted: Slave Writer

When I first started out as Tribune, I hired a few people. Some of them have worked out, some haven't (and they're about to get a BooT! w00t!). But, that being said, the Dark Voice at present has two specific openings:

1) Editor

The Editor receives potential news articles from staff members and general brotherhood members. The Editor is then tasked with editing the document to the standards of the Dark Voice, and work with the submitted, and Senior Editor, to complete the submission.

Basically, you're an editor. Right now, I've only got one Editor, and we'd like to get at least one more. The workload can be somewhat intense during the 10 days or so prior to publication of an issue, but the rest of the time it's pretty minor. You get shiny DSS's and even promos and merit awards if you do well (i've already handed out a few merit awards and an equite promotion recc, so it can definately pay off).

If you're interested, send an email to [Log in to view e-mail addresses], basically saying why you're interested, any qualifications you may have, etc. Sell yourself to me, and the others who will get the email. There's no rank restriction, so if you think you can do it, give it a shot!

2) Star Wars Galaxy Writer

No, I don't want someone to write about Galaxies beats Raid over the head with a spare rod. What we do need, however, is a dedicated writer who can "intertwine" the known star wars galaxy into the Brotherhood's storyline. The workload would be on average 3 articles per issue. You'd be working with myself and Odin with guideance from the Iron Throne about the DB's storyline. Then, your job is to write the DB into the SW Galaxy.

you don't need to be an expert on the SW universe either (we do have a few already who can help you), everything you REALLY need is on the DB Wiki, which using other resources (Wookiepedia), you'd have everything you needed. If you're interested, once again send an email to [Log in to view e-mail addresses], and tell us why you think you can do this, and preferabally some example of your writing. Make sure you sell yourself!


Maybe. A Distinct Possibility, In fact. looses train of thought and dosen't share anymore

Writer's Corner in the Dark Voice

Did that confuse you? Good. Expect to see a showcase from the Writer's Corner in future issues of the Dark Voice. Oh, and a Sports Section too.


Editor-in-Chief, Dark Voice Tribune: Sith Battlemaster Derev Niroth

Graphics Designer, Fiction Tribune: Krath Priest Ricco Vao

Puzzle Designer: Dark Jedi Knight Ood Bnar Sythe'rae

Serial Writer: Krath Archpriest Timeros Caesus Entar

Consultant, Correspondant: Grand Master Jac Cotelin

Senior Editor: TBA

Staff Editor: Jedi Hunter Kazarelth Talîsmarr

Staff Editor, Correspondant: Sith Battlelord Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu-Goura

Senior Correspondant: Dark Jedi Knight Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae

Correspondant: Dark Jedi Knight Dismal Visutor al'Tor

Correspondant: Jedi Hunter Leonidas Yadar Mandalore

Correspondant: Krath Pontifex Arion Aquillarum Sunrider

That's it for this issue of the DV Tribune Report, Cya Next Month!

SBM Derev Niroth (Sith)/T:DV/Tridens of Tarentum [ACC: JUD]

SB / GC-PoDP / SC-SoH / AC / DC / GN / BN / Cr-1E / CF / DSS-AgL / SI / SoL / LS-PL / S:-11D   

{SA: KS: ToL - IRC - IRO - ACC - CM - HS1 - O: SCORE - TS - MRK}

Wow, Very well done!

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