Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Greetings Marka Ragnos,

Well it's about that time again. It's about time for me to bring you fine people another Quaestor report. Now as most of you should know by now, the GJW is starting on the 15th and will give plenty of our new members opportunities to make a name for themselves. People have been telling me they want more to do...Well when the GJW hits I dont want those same people telling me there's nothing to do because there will be PLENTY for ALL!!

Victory isnt out of reach my friends, in fact I would have to say that Victory is very attainable. What we need to do as a Clan is unify and bring our best work to the table. Quanity over quality? Nah I'd prefer quanity AND quality, it'll make our chances that much greater. Let's pull together and show the DB what House Marka Ragnos is capable of. Let's fight with all that we have and rattle the foundations of the proclaimed "Mighty" Vong. There will be a time for death but it wont by on this day. It's the calm before the storm, for the storm arives tommorrow. Ready your weapons and let's give'em hell.

Moving on :P

There has been some discussion as to what is going on with our current House Summit which, if some of you dont know became empty once Esca resigned. Last week I opened apps for the Night Hawks BTL position. Got ONE application. One.....That's not good people. Unfortunately it is still open for applications. If you want to apply then send Nekura and I your apps ASAP.

Though there has been some BT confusion we were able to clear up one of our problems. Ravana and House Envoy are as one. Ravana is the training BT for our members until the rank of Protector is achieved. Filling this position and the House Envoy position will be DJK Imperial!!!

We have faith that she will make us proud and do her part to get us moving in the right direction.

There isnt much more for me to say other then do what you can in the GJW and have a blast while doing it.



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That's it for this edition, tune in next week for Nekura's sweet AED report,

Quejo Rak'ul Drakai

Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos

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