Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Dinaari of Taldryan Report #5(?)

  • Jedi Hunter Vladet Xavier, Aedile

<p>Holonet News Update

<p>Biggest news is that the Great Jedi War starts tomorrow (Sunday). Those of you active and somewhat sober have seen this coming - activity needs to be increased tenfold and we need to start dominating everyone again. Taldryan never loses and we need to keep it that way. Expect a mass amount of e-mails from Duga in the next few days.

<p>There is something for everyone in the Great Jedi War ... fiction, gaming, battle plans (I think), and probably a few others. Real life comes first, we all know this, but this is one of the few times were everything counts so we really need good participation from everyone.

<p>Now, an update on myself. I will be gone next weekend out-of-town. A good friend who I graduated from college with is off to Alaska and I'm going to his "going away" party. I will be leaving next Friday and be coming back late Sunday afternoon.

<p>Also I will be starting Law School at the end of next month. This will be a very difficult time for me and may result in my resigning my position - I may also miss the end of the GJW. If I feel that I cannot perform my Aedile duties to their fullest when I am in law school I will be quitting. But that's not for another month or so ...

<p>As you may have noticed, Sklibby is no longer the Quaestor of Dinaari. Ziggy is now in charge so now you know that.

<p>Game, game, game! Details will be arriving in your inbox soon!

<p>Dinaari Awards Recognition

<p>Congratulations to the following Dinaari members on their awards ...

<p>Jac Coteline > Grand Cross of the Darkside

Jac Coteline > Anteian Cross

Vladet Xavier > Steel Cross

Daniel Goad > Legion of the Scholar

Rag'Nar Sklib > Cluster of Fire (x11)

Jac Coteline > Cluster of Fire (x10)

<p>Congratulations to everyone on their awards ...

<p>Dinaari Personnel Activity

<p>Rag'Nar Sklib > Acolyte

Phoenix Berkana > Novice

<p>Great Jedi War starts tomorrow! Get ready!

<p>For Taldryan,

<p>Jedi Hunter Vladet Xavier

Aedile of House Dinaari, Clan Taldryan

[Claw of Dinaari] [Various Medals] [Various SA Crap]</p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

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