Grand Master Report


Grand Master Report


Hello everyone and welcome to a completely "not in character" report from the Grand Master. I wanted to get out a quick report today to cover all of the updates to the GJW and answer the most frequently asked questions.

The Force and the Yuuzhan Vong: The Yuuzhan Vong (YV) are dead to the Force and a Dark Brotherhood member cannot read their intentions or influence their mind. This does not mean that you cannot use the Force as an offensive weapon against the YV. To use the Force against the YV you must be creative with your powers. You cannot directly strike a YV warrior with a TK strike; however, you can force push/strike the molecules directly in front of the YV and achieve a very similar result. You can still use the force to pick up your Tie Fighter and drop it on their head. The key is using the environment when battling our deadly foes.

Force Lightning: If you are a member of the Elder Class you are authorized to use Force Lightning on the Yuuzhan Vong. Enjoy.

<p>More GJW Stuff</p>


Who do I go to if I need answers about the rules: Deputy Grand Master Muz is the source for all answers concerning the rules of the GJW.

Who do I go to if I need answers about the GJW Storyline: P:GM Raken is the source of the GJW fiction and the subject matter expert on the story. He will answer any questions you may have.

Who do I go to with a complaint about another member: DJM Kir Katarn receives and logs all complaints associated with the GJW. Kir handles warnings and punishments based on the evidence presented and after receiving input from all parties concerned.

Who do I go to if I have a dispute with the judges, scoring system, Muz, Kir, or Raken: I am the problem solver when you are unable to receive a satisfactory response from any of the above mentioned subject matter experts. I also encourage you to come to me with any suggestions or comments concerning the GJW. I have a habit of making things happen pretty quickly if I know that something is jacked up.

Do I have to play people I dislike: The Rites of Combat do not take into consideration your feelings for other players. No one is forcing you to talk to these people or buy them a beer. If they want a match and you just asked for a match, you need to play them. No dodging is allowed for any reason.

Harassment: Do not harass members of the Dark Brotherhood on mIRC or on the gaming servers. The GJW is designed to give people something to do and hopefully they are having fun while they do it. If you are harassing people and lessening their enjoyment, you will find yourself out of the GJW. I am not going to insult anyone's intelligence and talk about "what is harassment". Just be civil.

How are you people scoring the fiction events: The Fiction events are using a similar system to the Multi player scoring system. All fiction entries are graded immediately for participation points (Broken Event=2 points for a messed up fiction and 8 for a standard fiction. Holonet=1 point for a messed up fiction and 5 for a solid fiction). On the final day of a fiction event the top fictions will then be scored by Anshar/Sarin/Muz/Raken and a top fifteen will be identified. These top fifteen individuals will receive additional points.

Will there be another Embrace of Pain Puzzle: Yes. I will release another puzzle in week three of the GJW competition. The next puzzle will be open to the public at 1300 (1 PM) on Sunday the 28th of July. It will once again be a Clan puzzle and it will once again have consequences if it is not solved. Oh yeah, its going to be a lot harder (But remember, I am like a dumb army dude and hard for me = simple math)

<p>Battle Field Promotions</p>

Spot Promotions: You may have noticed that I am promoting people during the GJW for exceptional activity! The first such promotion went to PRT Korvyn from Tarentum. Congrats!

Congratulations: Regular Promotions: Kir to Dark Jedi Master! Vlad to Dark Jedi Knight!

<p>Real Life</p>

Dark Lady Sarin: Dark Lady Sarin has arrived in Arizona and I will be offline on Friday and Saturday night while we are in Tuscon at some resort. A Sweedish girl named Inga will be rubbing my butt. Good times.



Last Word

Volunteer for projects: Wow, you guys did do this. Keep it up. I have plenty to hand out.

Have a good week everyone. I will be on mIRC and you can always talk to me there. If you can't get me there, try [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Enjoy the GJW (even you Khobai).</p></p>

I know I already volunteered for one, but if there is anything else you need done, let me know. It's summer, I'm eighteen years old, I don't have a job, and my friends already left for college (in-state while I start later out of state).

Help a brother out. =P

I'm more than willing to help out with anything. ANYTHING ;-)

You know I'm here, what ever you need!

A further question for you about the next puzzle - 1PM who's time? I'd like to make sure I'm awake for this one!!!

28 July for the next Puzzle. Not June.

Yay, Force lightning FTW!

Congrats on all the promotions!

Sarin, I don't mean to nitpick, but you wrote:

"The next puzzle will be open to the public at 1300 (1 PM) on Sunday the 28th of June. "

Could you give us some clarification on this date? As when checking the dates, 28th of June this year was on a thursday and 28th of July this year is on a saturday.

If you could, I would be most grateful, other then that, thanks for another grand report.

promotion for activity....Hmmmmmm....Sounds like a plan! :P

He can always flow-walk back in time :P

Well seeing as how June has already come and gone for this year, I don't think it'd happen then unless Sarin intends to travel back in time, which by the way boss man I do indeed have a Delorean we could take :P And yay for Kir getting DJM!!

Congratz, Kir!

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