Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

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Report, Jade Serpents, 7/18/07

_Sai found a secure space aboard the Nebulon Frigate Foresight, a myriad of thoughts tumbling through his harried mind. Chiefly among those, aside from survival, was the fate of his beloved Serpents, a collection of Sadowites he had personally led to be the warriors they currently were.

Though they were scattered amongst the Brotherhood forces amid the impenetrability of the Shroud, Sai knew that they still looked to him for guidance, for leadership. Activating the secured “Burst” mode of his communicator, he began to encode a message:_

My courageous Serpents:

As you can see, I am eschewing the “normal” format of my report, choosing rather to address you all thusly.

I have seen your works up until this point, and for those, I am truly proud. You all have done well in the varied aspects of Fiction and Gaming, carrying on the tradition of our storied Battle Team.

Now, we are thrust into the claws of destiny. The Seventh Great Jedi War is upon us. Now, more than ever, our services are required to ensure the survival of our Clan. I urge you all to bring your considerable skills to bear, so that we may beat back this heinous threat to our very existence, the fiends known as the Yuuzhan Vong. Only through our direct intervention may the loss of life be stemmed; only through our combined might will the Clan continue to thrive.

Even though we are spread thin throughout the whole of the Brotherhood, take heart in the knowledge that I, your Tetrarch, am continuing to fight, just as you. I am spilling my blood and plying my blade, as I know you all are, so that we may meet once more, to celebrate our victory.

In service,

DJK Sai Na’Ashar Keibatsu

Clan Naga Sadow Rollmaster

Jade Serpents’ Tetrarch

ACC Trainer

Apprentice to The Abomination of Kyataru

Bearer of the Mark of the Black Guard

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