Herald Report


Herald Report

HRLD site test page has been uploaded for the codemonkeys to pick apart. Good news is that the site lends itself to the required code rather nicely. Hopefully we can have something online soon.

Check your local listsings, but I've seen that the History Channel is rebroadcasting The Legacy Revealed this Saturday.

In an interview with Rick McCallum at Celebration Europe, he stated that filming for the Unnamed Live Action Star Wars TV show will start in 2008. The series will air in 2009 [I'm assuming Fall] and that Lucas plans to make 400 episodes. He also stated that the new Clone Wars series has about 15 episodes already written.

Read all the Interview highlights here.

An idea stolen from another forum, I've started a topic about misconceptions you had when you first saw the Saga... Check it out here!

slow down Kaine, this is tooo much news to handle...

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