Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Quaestor's Challenge. Last week I issued this challenge. Participate in the Great Jedi War. Here are the results:

Methusel, Horus, Tsingtao, Shin'ichi, Sai, Malisane, Sanjuro, Morrigan, Sin, Ashura, Tron, Xanos

All these people have either gamed, submitted one or both fictions, posted to the runon, or participated in the ACC.

So kuddos to you and keep it up! Multiple shinneys will be yours for the taking!!

Even with the war going on, we had a couple of SA courses this week.

Kaelin Ring passed the Conflict Mediation and Dark Shadow passed the AOL Instant Messenger

Well done!

Joining us this week is Daemon Trill and Dark Shadow. Welcome aboard!

We need more people doing more things for this war. This first week has not gotten off to the start that it should have. The wargame is not going well because we aren't racking up the points to be able to make the big moves.

We can win this, but only if EVERYONE participates. If you aren't doing something, then...why did you join this club? It's about fiction, making up your own Star Wars characters, playing video games and having fun. If your just sitting on your arse and collecting dust, it's seems pointless to have wasted the energy to log into the site and sign up.

You joined for a reason. Ask yourself...what was that reason?

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