Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

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Welcome again, one and all, to the insane mind of your Battleteam Leader. Just a friendly reminder: PARTICIPATE IN THE GJW! ESPECIALLY FICTIONS! DO NOT TIME OUT ON ACC BATTLES! Now, the reporting shall begin!

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  • Dismal Visutor – Gamed (with a fabulous 3/138 win/loss record) – Completed one ACC battle

  • Alexashandra Greywolf – Did not report in

  • Koga Kage – Gamed (continued to pwn Taldryanites!)

  • Aalos Fier – Posted in the Run On

  • Bre-ma Sedul – Gamed

  • Armand al’Tor – Gamed

  • Maol Nor Lexu – Did not report in

  • Jaden Kyrath – Posted in the Run On

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  • In- NONE

  • Out – NONE

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  • In Memory: While I do not often mention Ketoans, I believe it is in order to say Rest in Peace, Baron Zarco. For those who have not heard, on July 1st, Baron Zarco, dedicated Plagueian and Rollmaster/Envoy of Satal Keto passed away. He was an excellent writer and leader. He will be sorely missed, and our thoughts and prayers are with Al’Meda and the rest of the Zarco family. Those of you who knew Baron, if you want a little paragraph to commemorate him to be featured in the Dark Voice, send it to me CCing Derev.

  • Exar’s Shadow Spacecraft: We’re still without a formal assigned fighter squadron, so right now if you’re in space, you’re most likely in a regular TIE being pwned by Vong.

  • Run On Update: Right now, we’re in total disarray. Most of you have established your own place. But, quick update, I’m with Scorpius in the Vong ship in Jusadih, about to be tortured out of my mind. Anochiir, Jaden, and Galaphile are on the Hell’s Iris in Jusadih, planning… Other than that, you are all in Antei being pwned by the Vong, going into the Shroud.

  • Exar’s Shadow Three-Strike Rule: A reminder, if you don’t report in, or don’t do at least one thing per week in the GJW, you will be kicked out of the team. No room for inactive people. As you’ve noticed, no one reported in, as I forgot to remind you that the summaries were due, but I knew what most of you did. To you who didn’t report in, I did not give you strikes because I didn’t remind you. But if I do remind you and you refuse to comply, strikes will be handed out.

  • Exar’s Shadow Competitions: I shouldn’t even put this in here, but…PARTICIPATE IN THE GJW! We’re up in fifth place in the JO/JA/JK ladder and Other ladder, but in fiction and ACC we’re in sixth place. Come on people, if you’re bad at fictions, participate anyway for the points. If you start an ACC battle, don’t time out, it’ll only lose us points. If you start a sub-plot in the RO, finish it. So, that being said, comply please. :-D

  • Exar’s Shadow Fictional Jobs: On hold until after the GJW. Read my last two reports for an overview of them.

  • Exar’s Shadow Advertisement: This has lost it’s importance in time of war, but if you see someone interested in joining, make sure they’re at least Acolyte and active, then email me and I’ll get them added to the team.

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  • Shadow Leader: Dismal Visutor

  • Shadow Knight: Aalos Fier

  • Shadow Cat: Alexashandra Greywolf

  • Shadow Maker: Koga Kage

  • Shadow Dude: Bre-ma Sedul

  • Shadow Jade: Jaden Kyrath

  • Shadow Sun: Armand al’Tor

  • Shadow Akuma: Maol Nor Lexu

The purpose of callsigns are simple: to hide our true identities. Say we’re talking on a comm. link and someone eavesdrops on it, if we’re talking as Shadow Leader and Shadow Knight as opposed to Dismal and Aalos, the enemy couldn’t tell who’s who. So if you’re writing in the RO or fiction, and you’re talking to a BT member, use these callsigns.

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Sadly, my report must come to an end. You’ve for the most part been really active, contributing to Clan Plagueis’s rise in points. I’d like to thank you all personally for that, and wish us good luck for the rest of the war. Continue to be active, fight for your House, Clan, and Battleteam!

As with all leaders in Plagueis, I maintain an open door policy. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me through any of the following means:

Have fun and may the Force be with you.

SW Dismal Visutor (Sith)/CMDR-DV/Exar Kun of Plagueis [ACC: CL:3]

AC-ToSH / DC-SiP / Cr-2A-6S-5E-6T-3Q / CF-PF / DSS-BL / SI-BL / SoL / LoR / LS-BL / S:-1Dk

{SA: MVN - KS: ToL - DBB - AS - AIM - IRC - IRO - MSN - LA - LF - ACC - CM - D: KCORE - TW - SA - FP - HS1 - PRH - MED - KP - GS - CPH - O: SCORE - TA - ESET - K: OCORE - TS - LS - MRK}

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