Herald Report


Herald Report

Anyone actually reading this who isn't going to just tear me apart over it? Probably not.

Anyway, I have been a bit stalled on the functionality aspects of the site. Nearly everything is ready. The only things left to go are the artist directory section (complete with rating system - I'm still working out the possibilities with the SCL office) and a reworked warbanner guide designed to better explain the choices available. The WB guide is actually being handled by Raven, who expressed an interest in updating it after I announced all the upcoming changes to the HRLD office staff.

Star Wars Social Networking Cards

A company called Solo is creating "social networking" cards (or as some people know them - calling cards). For just $30 for 100, you can have these Star Wars themed cards to hand out with all kinds of information on them such as e-mail addresses or MySpace profile names. Check out the Solo website for more info.

Simpsons Season 10 DVD

Mark Hamill will make a guest appearance on the commentary track for the Simpsons Season 10 DVD box set. He will be featured on the "Mayored To The Mob" episode (#9, disc 2), where he also voiced a character. The DVD set will be out in September.

DJB MySpace Group

If you're a DJBer with a MySpace page, Aro-Wan for Clan Scholae Palatinae created a group. Check it out and add yourself (I did)!

Same Forum Topic

Not many people went for the idea stolen from another forum - you know, that topic about misconceptions you had when you first saw the Saga... In fact when I looked last time there were about 3 replies. Thanks to Max Reem and Makurth Mandalore for being good sports and letting people know foolish things about their past. You can still check it out here.

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