Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Crimson vanguard status report.

Greetings Crimson Vanguard, We are at War! The GJW started on the 15th, and we are currently in round two. So far Taldryan has pwned in our weakest area, Fiction. Placing many members in the top listings of previous fiction events we once again demonstrate our pwntasticness.

I would like to thank the unit for itÂ’s activity and congratulate you all on your efforts to bring another victory to our glorious Clan Taldryan.

News: The war is on, and were doing great. Baron Zarco, a former member of Taldryan, and a former Aedile has past away. R.I.P. Zarco.

Promotions: Itachi Uchiha (Obelisk)

Old Rank: Protector (PRT)

New Rank: Guardian (GRD)

Congrats Itachi!

SA Courses: Leadership Fundamentals: Itachi with a score of 98.

IRC Basics: Itachi with a score of 90.

Pre-Republic History: Itachi with a score of 93.

Congratulations on your scores Itachi!

The Archanis Champion is currently on hold until post GJW!

A note on GJW events: the majority of the events can be done by everyone. Examples of these events are the Fiction, poetry, and Graphics. Just remember to do what you can with the tools you have. You get participation points for every event and gaming/ACC match.

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