Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

I have one word:


You too can have more, if you participate in the war events. Impress your friends! Your family! Use them as throwing stars on the neighbors dog! They're fun at parties and will set off any metal detector! Get yours now! http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/gjw/index.asp

And speaking of medals:

Devani was awarded a Anteian Cross

Gllen Nadix was awarded a Dark Cross

Ashura was awarded a Steel Cross

Xanos was awarded an Anteian Cross

These were all awarded for their efforts in the Great Jedi War. Congratulations!!!

Field Promotions: In a time of war, sometimes field promotions are granted due to outstanding performance and valor on the battle field. House Ludo Kressh and Clan Naga Sadow are please to announce the following field promotions:

ACO Methusel was promoted to the rank of Guardian

GRD Tsingtao was promoted to the rank of Jedi Hunter

In addition to the field promotions we have the following:

APP Dark Shadow – promoted to Novice

APP Davad Star – promoted to Novice

Dark Shadow has passed the Dark Brotherhood Basics course and the Test of Wisdom

Davin Olar has passed MSN Messenger and Dark Brotherhood Basics.

Well done to both of you!

Davad Star joined us this week! Welcome aboard!

Ok, we are doing pretty good in the ACC and Fiction ladders. I've seen some of the fictions that have been submitted and it still holds true, CNS has some pretty damn good writers!

Our gamers are struggling though. If you haven't played please consider it. Anything, even one game will help.

Also, for all you ACCr's out there, please remember that if you time out of a battle we loose a point, but if you loose it just because you were pressed for time due to unforeseen circumstances and had a crappy post, we still get 3 points, which is better then loosing a point. So finish your ACC matches!

Ok last words:


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