Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Dark Greetings from the Quaestor's Office,

As you all should know by now the GJW has been launched and some of us have been busting our asses in an attempt to see to it that this fine Clan doesnt receive last place. We're doing a helluva job and I'd like to thank each and every one of the people who are doing whatever they can to help their Clan. There have been numerous submissions from House Marka Ragnos and it pleases me to say that most of them are ones that told me they were going to do something. That tells me that most of you are atleast true to your word.

Below you'll find a list of everything the members of Marka Ragnos have done so far, but not before I throw out a few little bits of advice. Pay close attention....We points around the Summit of HMR are watching the activity and progress of our members closely. We will NOT be awarding those of you who have done nothing. We appreciate hard work and through hardwork we make your DB experience more fun with Medals and Promotions.

I'm not one to throw out bribes but you all should be reminded that you WILL get something for your participation.

The Vong are a nasty bunch so I say we kick as much ass as we possibly can before this war is over and people start complaining about being bored. I've seen it a thousand times. Instead of whining about boredom, participate and help boost your Clan's score. Look people, we're not out of this yet, we're currently 3rd place in two if the 5 event categories. We're holding 3rd in the Fiction Ladder and the gfx/poetry Ladder, so let's shoot for first and settle for second if we dont achieve our goal.

Remember people DO NOT time out in your ACC battles, especially if you're in matches with CSP, Tally, or Tarentum. We cant afford the losses but can settle for some wins.

Anyway, moving on....

Not much is going on with the House because the GJW is going. The GJW is our main focus and will remain our main focus until it comes to a screeching hault. Do what you can HMR, make Manji and I proud :P

Remember to have fun though. If you lose in a JA match or ACC match dont slam your keyboard up against the wall. Have fun and remember why you're here.

  • Current Activity Check -

Fiction Ladder: # of Submissions:

Shan Long x3

Sai Na'Ashar x2

Shikyo x2

Imperial x2

Nekura x2

Vladek x1

Noktar x1

Nero x1

Jinx x1

Raist x1

Quejo x1

JA/JO/JK Ladder: # of Matches:

Draken x83

Quejo x97

Vladek x69

Raven x6

BF2/EAW/Other Ladder: # of Matches:

Quejo x18

ACC Ladder: # of Matches:

Raist x23

Quejo x10

Shikyo x7

Nekura x2

Vladek x3

Ethran x8

GFX/Poetry Ladder: # of Submissions:

Sai Na'Ashar x2

Jinx x2

Quejo x1

Imperial x1

Vladek x1

Shuang Long x1

Nekura x1

That's the current Activity of HMR. I hope to see it boosted.

This is Quejo Rak'ul Drakai,

Signing out....

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