Consul Report


Consul Report

Taldryan Consul Report #21

July 31st, 2007 – OPM Duga Taldrya Arkarso

Greetings to everyone,

Three days into week three of this six week Great Jedi War, who else is tired? Yeah, its tough going, but we can’t give up until we have this conflict won and our undefeated GJW record upheld. Look at it this way, two weeks are gone and soon another will be. Keep your spirits up while the other Clans may go down!

====== Happenings ======

1) New Sons and Daughter of Taldryan

“In times past the members of Clan Taldryan have been through a great many things that tested their loyalty. Yet there are many who have stuck with the Clan through thick and thin, no matter what. Clan Loyalty is something to cherish, for it shows the type of person you truly are, and in the long run defines Taldryan in and of itself. Clan Taldryan has become the most successful Clan in Brotherhood history for one reason...its members. Without the intense loyalty of its members, Taldryan would not be in the place it is today.

To honor those members who have demonstrated their loyalty to Clan Taldryan, the Consul and Proconsul, in consensus with the other Taldrya, can grant to that member the honor of using the Clan name as their own. These members participate in a secret Clan ceremony during which they are bound through the Dark Side to Taldryan. They add "Taldrya" to their name, and are considered an official "Son or Daughter of Taldryan." These members bound to their Clan, and can never transfer to any other Clan as long as they are in the Brotherhood. They are a special order within the Clan, and are highly regarded by everyone in Taldryan.

Hard work and loyalty is what earned these members the right to call themselves Sons & Daughters of Taldryan, if you are a consistently active contributor to the Clan, and stay loyal to Taldryan, you too could find your name on this list one day.”

That’s the introduction on the Clan website for those that carry the Clan name, and today I am announcing several new members that have been invited to join the honored group. After a quick nomination process followed by almost all the Taldrya voting invitations were sent to several long-standing members to join this special order. All four of the following members have shown again and again their dedication and loyalty, and this is their time to be awarded.

Congratulations to Dark Prophet Telaris "Mav" Cantor, Archpriest NexusMage, Exarch SwipeR, and Epis Bubbles! They all have accepted the invitations besides Nexus who is currently on leave. Thanks again for all you have done over the many years of service to the Clan.

2) GJW Day Two Standings

Another outstanding week has passed, and we have continued to push forward. We ended the week with a strong showing in the Fiction round with 19 submissions keeping us in first place in that event. On the new event ladder we garnered 29 Poetry submissions and 28 Graphic submissions, putting us in the lead in that event as well by right under 80 points. We continue to lead the JO/JA/JK ladders as well. Some awesome showings, plus I’m confident once the top 15 are announced in those Fiction, Poetry, and Graphic rounds we’ll extend our lead in those even more!

While we need to continue pushing in those areas, we have to push even harder in the others. The ACC event has many players out right now, but we could always use more. We are moving up, right now currently in fourth. The other gaming ladder, which has games like BF, BF2, EaW, and RC really needs attention by everyone that has those games. Right now we sit in a low fifth place there. GM Jac is back this week and will push the Run-on forward so those involved there please be on the lookout for his direction.

3) GJW Day Three Events

-Gaming Ladders-

Not much new to report on these besides reminding everyone playing to not give up yet. The gaming all around has decreased since the first week but it’s important to get out there and try and game whenever possible still. If you are near getting bonus points, like Shadow is in the JO/JA/JK ladder or Shadow and Chaos in the other gaming ladder, you guys don’t want to fall out! Keep on pushing!

Event Information:


-Fiction: Shimrra's Charge-

This fiction is a 2 page minimal one, where you are to write as a Vong Warlord chasing the Brotherhood into the Shroud. For the complete information on the event check the links below. This sounds like an interesting one to do, I’ll be trying my hand at it as well. These are due Saturday night before midnight, no late entries! Remember those ID lines and PIN numbers when submitting.

Already Submitted:

  • Andryan "Ace" Queldom

Event Information:

Vong Character Information:

-Fiction: The Honour of the Armour-

This is a second fiction that is two pages minimum as well. In this you write as a member of our Clan’s armed forces, those that aren’t force users. We are talking about those navigators, solders, technicians, and other members on board out many ships in the Shroud. I’m more interested in this fiction that the last, but I’ll be doing both, hope many of you do as well. These are due Saturday night before midnight, no late entries! Remember those ID lines and PIN numbers when submitting.

Already Submitted:

  • Andryan "Ace" Queldom

  • Ricco Vao

Event Information:

Clan Fleet Information:

-Graphics: Infinite Bloom-

For this graphic event you have to draw an image that represents what the shroud looks like to your character. It’s pretty easy compared to some of the others, doesn’t require amazing skills. DP Mav said he was willing to help people in creating graphics so if you need guidance, check with him for sure! These are due Saturday night before midnight, no late entries! Remember those ID lines and PIN numbers when submitting, just throw them in the email for this one.

Already Submitted:

  • Chaosrain Taldrya

  • Ricco Vao

  • Hel-Pa Sklib

  • Vardar Fen'Amar Ordo

  • Avenged

  • Andryan "Ace" Queldom

  • DarkAmiz

  • Trivium Aurora

Event Information:

-ACC Event-

We still need pushing here. It’s simple, if you can play in the ACC, and are willing, join up. Check out the information on this event. We are moving up, but let’s keep on all the way to the top!

Event Information:


-Run-on Event-

Jac is our main coordinator on our Run-on efforts and has done an excellent job so far, big thanks to all those involved. Last week Halc and Shadow helped while he was away taking the BAR exam and moving, but the former Grand Master is back in charge this week and will push the Run-on further. Look out for updates from him on that one.

Event Information:

Clan Taldryan GJW Forum:

That covers everything going right now. There is a War Game event, but that is only involving a “War Council” from each Clan consisting of a few members moving our forces around a war map. Our activity levels in the various ladders do affect this event so keeping up the activity in everything else will keep us going here.

====== Competitions ======

DB-Wide Events:

  • July MT (Fiction, Poetry, Graphics, runs all month)

  • SA Trivia (Trivia, runs all year)

Clan-Wide Events:

  • Super Happy Awesome Fun Time: CTF Edition (Gaming, runs all month)

  • Taldryan Topic: Alliance (Fiction, runs all month)

  • Tal Trivia (Trivia, runs all year)

Gaming Events:

  • None as the GJW is Running

These regular events are not our priority until the Great Jedi War comes to an end, but they are still there for those wanting something more to do and count for your Promotion Trials. The July MT ends today as well as the SHAFT CTF event. If you played CTF matches in the GJW and want them to count here please email me and let me know what matches recorded are CTF. If you still want to do that Taldryan Topic I’m going to just extend that for a week or so. Again, these are not the priority though, the war effort is, but these are there for options. Once the major conflict is over we will return to more normal activities.

====== Promotions, Awards, SA, Etc. ======

Zama was promoted to Acolyte! (ACO)

Madara Uchiha was promoted to Novice! (NOV) Sarin Rage was promoted to Novice! (NOV)

Two transfers in since the 23rd. A big welcome back to a few folks here, glad to have you with us again!

DJK Malevolent Blade transferred to House Archanis!

PRT Trivium Aurora transferred to House Archanis!

Welcome to our new members! Hopefully you have heard from your House Envoys and are moving along well in the Clan and Brotherhood. If you ever need any help don’t hesitate to contact any of your House leadership or if that doesn’t work PCON Chaosrain Taldryan or myself. We are all here to help!

====== Is that It? ======

This is a quickly written report, mainly because I need to get to sleep soon for an eight hour work day starting early tomorrow. Working has been tough, but with this war going on and participating myself it’s been tight all around. I continue to make it a point though to do whatever events I can whenever I can and will continue to do that. I expect every leader in Taldryan to set an example for you guys, if we encourage you to get out and fight for Taldryan we should be doing the same or even more. Starting Friday I’ll have a ten day vacation so I’ll be really gaming hard, participating in fictions and graphics, as well as catching up on some real life things I’ve let slide lately.

Proud, it’s something that I am when I look at the results of the war so far. You guys have really shined for the Clan so far in this war and that really says something. Your efforts are not taken for granted, they will be rewarded well. It’s an amazing site to see 43 members out in the different events open, especially knowing many more will be joining in before it’s all over. Keep up the excellent work everyone, let’s win this GJW with dignity and pride for Taldryan!

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For Taldryan,

Obelisk Primarch Duga Taldrya Arkarso

Consul and Son of Clan Taldryan

Planetary Viceroy of Karufr, Regent of the Kr'Tal System

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