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Dark Voice Tribune Report

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Dark Voice Tribune Report #4


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*Staff Changes

*Issue 1, Volume 5

*September Competition

*DV Staff

*Publishing Schedule

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This report would've been out next weekend, however, after a discussion with the Grand Master, the decision was made to push up publication to this weekend. 6 More Days.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and the issue has really come together well, and I'm confident even with one less week, we'll be able to deliver this weekend, and we've got a mind blowing issue in store for you all!

Staff Changes

I'm proud to announce that SW Dismal has formally been promoted to Dark Voice Senior Correspondant, his contributions to the Dark Voice continue to impress me!

DJK Melkor is also moving from Editor to Correspondant, so look for some of his writing coming to a DV near you!

Issue 1, Volume 5

This issue is going to be huge! As of now, we've got 26(ftw!) articles/stories/pieces for you. This number may vary by a few, as Im sure a few people will miss the deadline, and a few others will come in unsolicited. Either way, heres a list of what to expect this issue...

*Antei Abandoned, Dark Council in Exile

A Field Report from the Battle of Antei by the Dark Voice Tribune

*Address From the Iron Throne

*Dark Council Honors Defenders of the Brotherhood

An article detailing the victors of the GJW, and the Awards and Honors Awarded by the Grand Master

*The Brotherhood Honor's Its Fallen

A Tribute to Baron Zarco, and His Final Fiction

*Coruscant Falls to the Vong

Brief reports on the various issues affecting the core worlds

*Dark Council Unveils New Fleet

The Grand Master addresses the new "mystery" fleet

*Dark Voice Classifieds

Personal Ads, Help Wanted, and For Sale Ads

*Great Jedi War Aftermath

The Brotherhood Moves on from the Vong Conflict

*One on One Interview with the Master at Arms

Kraval answers some questions about the MAA Office.

*Brotherhood Rumormill

The Doings and Happenings of the Brotherhood

*Galactic Timeline Articles

Two Dark Voice Correspondants Deliver Reports on the happenings in the Galaxy At Large

*State of the Clans

Dark Voice Senior Correspondant Dismal delivers a report on the clans of the Brotherhood

*Plagueis Battlefield Promotions and Awards

Consul Aabsdu honors two of his own

*Naga Sadow Pre-Invasion Report

A Report recieved from Clan Naga Sadow just before the Vong Invasion.

*Chapter One of the Epic of Ducant

Timeros Comes Through With Chapter One

*Editor's in Chief's Address

Derev delivers an OOC Report on the Dark Voice

*The Pulse of the People

A look at the issues effecting the OOC aspects of the Brotherhood

*Writer's Corner Showcase

A tribute to the best of the Writer's Corner

*The Experts Said

An Interview with Obelisk Prelate Beowulf

*Shadow Academy

A report receieved from Lyspair immediately before the Vong Invasion.

*Clan Rumors

Interesting Reports about the doings of the Clans

*Fiction Tribune Interview

Odin Vaaj sits down with Ricco Vao

*An Encounter with the Vong

A Field report from resident Alchemist Macron


Ood delivers once more with another puzzle!

*Sith Core Lecture

A Scholars View

September Competition

Now that the GJW is coming to a conclusion, there's going to be a Dark Voice Competition of Epic Proportions. Stay tuned to the news page next week for all the details!!

DV Staff

Dark Voice Staff

[T:DV]Editor-in-Chief: SBM Derev Niroth

[DV]DV Consultant/Correspondant: Jac Cotelin

[DV]Puzzle Designer: DJK Ood Bnar Sythe'rae

[DV]WC Consultant/Graphics: KP Ricco Vao

[DV]Serial Writer: KE Timeros Caesus Entar

[DVSE]Senior Editor: JH Kazarelth Talîsmarr

[DV]Editor/Correspondant: OT Gaius Julius Caesar

[DV]Editor: JH Maximilian Aranos

[DV]Editor/Correspondant: OP Rade "Venquis" Tamalar

[DVSC]Senior Correspondant: SW Dismal Visutor

[DV]Correspondant: SBL Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu Sadow

[DV]Correspondant: DJK Melkor Corsair

Publishing Schedule

//Volume Start//

Issue #1: August 30

Issue #2: October 15 (Day of the Fox Issue, November 6) [SW Year Rollover]

Issue #3: December 1

Issue #4: January 15

Issue #5: March 1

Issue #6: April 15 (Exodus Day Issue, April 12) [SW Year Rollover]

Issue #7: June 1

Issue #8: July 15

//Volume End//

That's it for this issue!

SBM Derev Niroth (Sith)/T:DV/Tridens of Tarentum [ACC: CL:2]

SB / GC-PoDP / SC-SoH / AC / DC / GN / BN / Cr-1E / CF / DSS-AgL / SI-BL / SoL / LS-PL / S:-11D

{SA: KS: ToL - IRC - IRO - ACC - CM - HS1 - O: SCORE - TS - MRK}

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