Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Greetins Tridens,

I am Adien Corsair and I am your new Rollmaster. There are several things that has happened over the wek since I got the position and yes I'm aware most people report every two weeks, but however since my school schedule has affect on everything I will attempt to do this everyweek to lighten the load, but however this has been what has happened over the week;

New Members,

9287 Apprentice Omu

9302 Apprentice josell tiath

9321 Apprentice Rednek

9335 Apprentice Scion Altera

9336 Apprentice Mikhael Dean

9349 Apprentice Tanure Akaral

Shadow Academy,

General Leadership- Raiju

Obelisk Core- Titanus


Dark Side Cross- Karel

Bronze Nova- Doni Tzu Tarentae

24- Cluster Fire- Adien Corsair

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