Gaming Tribune Report


Gaming Tribune Report

This will be my first Gaming Tribune report and yes, it is a day early. But, I figured since I didn’t do one last week doing it early this week sort of balances it out. A few things in this report though it’s mainly recapping my news posts (yay for news posts) and filling you all in on what projects I’m currently working on.

I’ve been discussing a lot of stuff with Sarin and Muz, and so far everything is looking good. A lot of cool things are in the works and I plan on keeping everyone updated. Keep an eye out for my news posts, as I generally like to announce stuff as it happens, and then I’ll recap once a week or so in these reports. So, without further ado…

Gaming Information

General Changes

I’ve updated/protected all the WIKI pages that contain gaming information. This is because the DB site currently forces you to code these changes manually and re-upload the files, and limiting my access to the DB site would be a smart thing. So, when he finds the time Jac will be redirecting the Gaming Resources link to the Gaming Information Category I’ve created on the Wiki. The pages found there will contain all the information you need, and will be easily updateable by myself in the event of changes. You can find the Category here -

As you all should be aware of, Gaming Nights have been changed to Mondays through to Fridays. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to participate more, without restricting matches to alternate days. To match this gaming night change, Pendants of Blood are now awarded once a week to the member with the best win/loss record overall for the week of gaming. The Pendant of Blood was always meant to be a rare, difficult to obtain medal, and this should help to make it so.

Also, I’ve updated all the Gaming Server information, because with the loss? Of Dessan, a lot of the old servers disappeared as well. You can find the updated list on the Gaming Servers Wiki page. (Or check out the Gaming Category link below)

Current Projects

Revision of the Rites of Combat – The current RoCs are in need of some updating and overall improvements. We’re going to try to make these more streamlined and accessible so that every member new and old will know the rules to participating in general gaming activities.

Revamp of the Points/Items System – The old Points/Items system is being completely re-worked and will fit in much better with the recent fleet reset.

** New Tournament System** – Most of you probably realized that the old Sunday Tournaments were nothing more than clones of a regular gaming night that excluded some people and rewarded crescents to top placers. Not a major event in any way, so we’re working on creating more interesting competitions that will run each Sunday, and will change every month. I’ll have more details on this soon.

New Website/Gaming Ladder – Sharad has agreed to work on a new website to store all the gaming information and competitions that will be run from the office of Gaming Tribune. On top of that, we’re working on a new bi-weekly ladder system that will tie into the Clan Points/Items. We’re still in the planning stages on this, and more website projects of this size take some time. I’ll be keeping everyone updated on our progress, and we hope to have something viewable in the next couple of weeks.

Standardized JA Servers – A problem I’ve always seen is people complaining about which Jedi Academy Server they want to/have to use for gaming. The main reason for the complaining? Well, currently each server runs a different mod (or variations of the same mod) that greatly affect the overall gameplay and seriously mess up the play-style from one server to another. Right now I’m working with the server owners to have all the servers running on the same gameplay. Other mods run, maps, skins, models, etc will still be up to the server owner, but gameplay really needs to be the same across the board. I’ll have updates on that when we get things sorted out.

Last Week in Gaming

A quick recap on the last week of gaming. We had 34 Gaming Night matches played for the week of September 10th – September 14th with a total of 63 CFs awarded. The best win/loss record for that week went to SWL Quejo Rak'ul Drakai, who went 10-0. Congratulations to Quejo on earning a Pendant of Blood, and to everyone else on their Clusters of Fire.

The ICTE didn’t see much activity last Saturday, with only 14 matches played and 35 CFs rewarded. No one managed to get enough opponents to earn an All-Star title. ICTE will be hosted by myself again in #outerrim this Saturday. Come out and mingle with some non-DBers and get some matches in.

Halo 3 Tournament

So, first off I’d like to re-mention that the DB will be holding a Halo 3 competition on the Saturday after its release. Figured I’d throw out a few more details on how this thing is going to work. It will be a weeklong event starting on September 29th and ending on October 6th. Everyone who plans on getting Halo 3 and has an active gold live account should sign up.


To signup all you have to do his leave a comment on my original post ( with your gamertag. If you haven’t done that already, you can also leave a comment on this report or send me an email at sh4dwhr[at]gmail[dot]com.


You’re allowed to play any type of match – Team, FFA, CTF, etc and have it count towards this competition as long as there are at least TWO Brotherhood participants. So as long as you and some other member is in the match it’s accepted. The more DBers the better, but two is going to be our minimum. And of course, non-DBers are allowed to be in the matches.


Unfortunately, until the actual release we don’t have a set procedure for reporting matches. We’ll figure that out between launch and the start of the competition.


As mentioned before, you’ll be earning double CFs for matches played, and the members with the top three win/loss records will earn special, Halo-themed dossier items. For a sample of one of the awards check out my earlier post.

Website links updated.


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