Dark Voice Tribune Report


Dark Voice Tribune Report

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Dark Voice Tribune Report #5


Been over a month since my last report, my apologies. First off - the Dark Voice Crescent Blowout - 3 days left, ends at midnight on the 30th! Theres a few crescents still guaranteed, but we've seen a flood of submissions in the past few days. So, if you wanna get in, heres your shot.

Also - this next issue will be out either Oct 13th or Oct 20th - I'll make a final determination of that in the coming days. This issue will have some Day of the Fox coverage (Nov 6th). There's rumors of an advance list of SoL reciepients - check the issue for more detials.

On a personal note, I took a new job as a manager with Qwest, I lead a team of 24 agents providing wireless technical support to Qwest Customers. I've been going through "boot camp" all over again this last month for the bulk of my training. Starting monday, I return to a "somewhat normal" life. I apologize for the lack of contact from in the past, but theres just 2 days of it left.

Halo 3 Rocks! It will no doubt caus another month disapperance. And, Survivor's about to come on.

I want to make a shout out to the members of the DV Staff who've helped out more then they should've in the last month, my thanks and more then likely awards will be coming your way soon enough.

That's it for this edition..the tribe is about to speak :)

drifts off to china in his little brain

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