Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Souls of Darkness Battle Team Report

“Silence” Cethgus's words rippled around the room

The group had spent their last couple of days around a tactical map planning their way they were gonna attack their targets. They had been in this meeting room for over two days planing everything to the full detail.

“That is it then, well I hope that you are all ready for this” The team looked to each other.

Before leaving the room he halted his two Flight Leaders and put them back to the map room, as they looked at each other knowing that all was about to become apparent.

“Malaki, you take this group and move to the right try hitting them here” Malaki nodded and waited to hear what the next plan was.

“Archangel you take your men down the left and hit them there, I will attack from the front, now leave” Cethgus last words finished and they both left the Commander staring at his battle plan.



Monday, October 1st is the first day of the Reclamation of Judecca. As I am sure you all know. So I want the whole team in gear. House Caliburnus will win this and of course you are the best members in our House now is the time to prove it. So lets get doing it and make sure that we show everyone that Souls of Darkness is the best battle team in Caliburnus.


Ok well gossip. To be fair there isn’t that much gossip this week going on. So that really doesn’t give me much to say. Other than that I would like to give a well done for everyone who has participated in a competition.


No medals this week which is a shame. So next week I expect to see emails in my inbox. I know you can get those medals so I want you to get out there and go for it. Go do Competitions!!!!


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Sith Commander Cethgus

Sith Flight Leader Malaki

Sith Flight Leader Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae

Sith Flight Member Phantom Mandalore

Sith Flight Member Tyno

Random Though:

Why do people always fight?


Commander of Souls of Darkness

Ward of the North

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