Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Right then people, it’s time yet again for my weekly report. This time, may I present you with a different (and hopefully very frequent) report when I’m absolutely off my trolley.

As you all know, I’ve just started Uni and so far I’ve spent the majority of time far from being sober. I’ve got some wicked flat mates, one who is as like minded as myself and we’ve spent the time attempting to kill our livers.

Clan News? Well, there’s not much happening. We’ve got to prepare for big changes this weekend though; whether that means Dash’ll finally admit he’s gay for the attention, who knows?

Now for the bit about you useless lot.



-Grand Cross of the Dark Side – big props for this one Mal dude.

-Crescent with Amethyst Star

-Cluster of Fire x 31


-Anteian Cross

-Cluster of Fire x 4


-Anteian Cross


-Cluster of Fire x 1

Good job you people and as I’m beginning to blur I’ll go and sit on my bed for a bit.

But one final note, Dash is a knob shack.

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