Consul Report


Consul Report

Consul Report #22

September 30, 2007


Here we are at yet another Consul report. By looking at that number at the top, you can tell that I’ve been doing this far too long. Anyways, my vacation went well, besides not having internet access. So, let’s get on with the report, since there is tons to talk about that has happened in the past few weeks. Oh, and sorry about not getting one out in so long. I’ve just been really busy lately.

  • With the reworking of Sistros Acquisitions and Holdings, it was decided that the company would work better fictionally if it was run by NPCs. As such, you can go to the Wiki article ‘Sistros Employees’ and see the list of main workers. Currently, we are working on filling in those blanks, and I am running a competition to do just that. Basically, just write a short biography for how many of the people you want. It’s real easy crescents, so let’s go guys! It ends in ten days (October 10th)

  • Most of you should know this by now, but Jac’s dossier reworking was released about a week ago. It is pretty sweet, that’s all I’ll say about that.

  • For those of you who don’t know, there is a Shadow Academy course titled ‘Plagueis History’. It is basically an overview of our clan’s history, and I highly recommend it to everyone. It looks really good if all our clan members have that course passed, so obviously I’m going to be bugging you guys constantly to take it until you do. It only takes about ten minutes, so just do it!

  • As you all should know by now, Anochiir was removed as House Satal Keto Quaestor and Esca resigned as Proconsul due to many reasons that I won’t explain here. Their replacements will be announced within the coming week.

  • The updating of all Wiki articles continues. If you want to help, email me and I’ll give you stuff to work on! Nice awards are sure to come for those who volunteer.

  • About a week ago, our new fleet was handed out. Currently, I’m compiling ideas for squadron names. After that I’ll run competitions to decide the names of the bigger ships. I can tell you, though, that the ISD will be named The Baron in honor of the late Baron Zarco. The Immobilizer will be named Atrum Pars II in honor of the original Atrum Pars. One of our squadrons will be named Zarco Squadron, but I don’t know which one yet. For now, email me squadron name ideas!

  • If you check out our artifacts on the Wiki, you’ll see a couple new pictures, as well as a new artifact called ‘Scepter of Vorr’. I’ll be releasing the information for that article within the next week, so stayed turned!

The main competitions right now is my Sistros NPCs competitions and gaming. Gaming is now all week long, so you guys can earn CFs whenever you want! There’s also a Halo 3 competition running through the 6th, so if you play Xbox Live join up now and represent Clan Plagueis!

There’s my report. Usually I would include links and all this other stuff, but I’m busy and find these things more and more tiring as of late. Still, I’ll try to release them bi-weekly as usual.


  • Check out the new dossiers, they rock. Awesome job Jac and others!

  • Sistros has be reworked with complete NPCs. There’s currently a competition running to describe them, participate in it!

  • Take the Plagueis History SA course!!

  • Anochiir removed, Esca resigned, replacements announced soon.

  • New fleet and all information for it will be released soon!

  • New possessions pictures up, new artifact released within the next days.

Sith Warlord Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar

Consul of Plagueis

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