Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

The Jade Serpents have been reactivated as a training team. I will be helping the battle team with their promotions as well as any guidance needed involving the Brotherhood, the Clan, or the House.

Here is a list of our new member to the Jade Serpents:

Novice Anya Kendrik

Novice Arcturus Lister

Novice ŭn-tīt'ld

Novice Wolffaust Lycanica

Novice Vicerous

Apprentice Landalgas

Apprentice Melkor

Apprentice Cadavus

Apprentice Abyssimus

Apprentice Falling Light

Apprentice Obsidian

I have asked them to report for a roll call to make sure they are active and ready for whatever we have in store for them. I have asked them to report by Friday, Oct 5. Emails will be sent individually to the members this week to remind them of their tasks for promotion and to help increase their activities.

I am excited in helping these new members and I hope they will enjoy being a member of the Jade Serpents.

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