Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report



Kal walked through the halls of Alpha Base, completely accustomed to the cold as he looked around. Some of the people at their posts snapped to attention and saluted him, nudging others to do the same. It seemed not everyone knew he was Quaestor yet.

"Fools," he said quietly to himself, laughing to himself about the waste of energy the salutes required.

Entering his office, he looked around and grinned. His designs had been followed to the letter. The office was next to barren, with a small box for his meager possessions, a simple bed that folded into the wall, and a wall-mounted computer. Stepping in, he felt the most pleasant part in the heating he'd had installed, soon to be all throughout the base. Looking to the computer, he began walking forward to try out the updated unit.

"Business before pleasure," he said to himself as he accessed the machine's functions, sampling some of the updates before beginning his report...

OOC Intro:

We've had a huge amount of change in the last little while. My predecessor, Anochiir, and the former Proconsul Esca have both left. I won't spread any rumors. Suffice to say that things are different now.

I won't bore you all with the long introductory speech. I've never been much for speeches, and I have more important duties than boring you all out of your minds. I'm here to bring positive change, to help this House in healing from recent stress, and to serve you guys. That's about all the speech I have in me at the moment.

Now, because I've been spamming it everywhere else, would people please apply for Aedile? The position is open to new faces and I want innovation and fresh thoughts, not the experience of the past. This is not the past, it's now. But that's enough, I need to get on with my report, so...


I'm not gonna go into this, I can't remember half the news that's happened anyways. In coming reports, I'll have this section nice and full for you all to skip, no worries. :P


Vexer Thrace - Crescent with Topaz Star

Rayne - Crescent with Quartz Star

Vivackus - Crescent with Sapphire Star

Strats - Crescent with Emerald Star

Maxyl Takyn - Crescent with Topaz Star


Maxyl Takyn - NOV to ACO

Lycan Trivani - APP to NOV

Shadow Academy:

Gaius Julius Caesar - CP History

Lacey Serina Mortashka Vorrac - CP History

Kaliidrad Mortashka Vorrac(me) - CP History

Lycan Trivani - Lightsaber Studies, Marksmanship

Maxyl Takyn - History of the Sith Empire II, III

Strats - History of the Sith Empire III

Antei Combat Centre:



Lacey Serina Mortashka Vorrac - From Rogues to Satal Keto




Apply for Aedile. Anyone wishing to apply that I don't already know, feel free to meet me in #KalsOffice whenever I'm on so I can get to know you.


-I'm QUA now(duh)

-Ano and Esca are gone

-Apply for AED

-Future reports will be better

-Lots of award/promo/SA... things this week, good job

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