Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

greetings Tridens with Tarentum History month and the King of the Hill tournament there is plenty to so I encourage you all to go out give me something to report :P

New Members:

9414 Apprentice Antonius-Tyr

9427 Apprentice kazuya kenpachi

9477 Apprentice Seth En-Saeur


Tanure Akaral -NOV

Rickson McCrever-GRD

Scion Altera-NOV


AOL INstant Messenger - Scion Altera

Astronomy Tanure Akaral

ACC Initiates Seth En Saeur

Krath Poetry & Krath Core Aevrik Adeleris

Test of Wisdo - Raiju

Training Saber- Evant Taelyan

Test of Endurance_ Adien Corsair


Raiju - Cr-1E & Cr-1Q

Odin Vaaj - Cr-1T

Apollo - Cr-1E

Lucius von Straumpobolopolis d'Tana - 3x CF

Adien Corsair - 17x CF

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