Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Alright, I would have had this out Sunday evening but my cable company has a problem they aren't wanting to acknowledge as their problem :P

For those who don't know, I'm Telona, your rollmaster and house envoy. You can get to know my character and all the different things I've done in the DB by looking up my wiki page. I have an open door policy, meaning if you have anything you'd like to say or ask I'm here to listen and answer. I also like to think I'm fairly easy going and fun loving so any and everyone can approach me without fear of any kind of backlash. Well anyways I hope to do one of these reports every week or so. This one will just cover most of this month.

The month of October was rather busy despite people going back to school or moving on to a higher education. The following is a list of medals and the recipients. Hopefully I've got them all.

Telona - Legion of the Scholar (3), Grand Cross of the Dark Side (1)

Frosty - Cluster of Fire (18)

Dranik - Cluster of Fire (80), Legion of the Scholar (1)

Deatharoc - Crescent with Topaz Star (1), Legion of the Scholar (1), Crescent with Emerald Star (1), Crescent with Amethyst Star (1)

Brimstone - Crescent with Topaz Star (3), Crescent with Sapphire Star (1)

Ziltopia - Crescent with Quartz Star (1), Crescent with Emerald Star (1)

Levathan - Crescent with Emerald Star (1), Crescent with Quartz Star (1)

Kazarelth - Crescent with Topaz Star (1), Scroll of Indoctrination (1), Legion of the Scholar (1), Dark Side Scroll (1), Anteian Cross (1)

Kessian - Legion of the Scholar (1)

Dox - Cluster of Fire (13)

Shiten - Crescent with Topaz Star (1), Crescent with Sapphire Star (1)

We had a few promotions as well! Everyone pat the following members on the back.

Dralin was promoted from APP up through to Protector

Kazarelth was promoted from JH to the nice rank of Dark Jedi Knight

Frosty was promoted from OP to Obelisk Exarch

Dox was promoted from OT to Obelisk Prelate

ShadowReaper from NOV to Acolyte

There were also a whole host of Shadow Academy tests passed. Way too many to put in this report really. Well, not without me going crazy and your brain going numb. SA tests are a great way to get promoted if you are a Journeyman but also an interesting challenge for those of the Equite ranks. I encourage everyone to take a few and see just how knowledgeable you are.

Some Clan news includes the competition that continues until the end of this month. The run-on is coming along nicely and makes for an interesting read. I encourage everyone to visit the message boards and read In the Shadows II : It's not too late to make a post too. In other news the clan might have a new PCON. Be sure to watch for report on this exciting news!

Some House news entails our ranks getting a good cleaning before long thanks to a little AWOL check that was run earlier in the month. We've had a few new faces join our ranks too. I highly encourage our new folks to log into the DB website and fill out your character history. It's good for a promotion and helps fellow members know how to address your character. Don't want people calling you a girl when you're actually a guy! Aside from all that I know that Brimstone and Levathan are currently going through their Dark Jedi Knight trials. Good luck guys! Oh and just one more thing to make note of. If you haven't been reading the run-on you may or may not have noticed that the Keepers of the Night team is now known as the Tau. This is a huge deal because the Tau squadron way, way back were founders of Tarentum. Read up on some clan history here:

Well I think that's about it. I like to close reports with something funny or thoughtful or sometimes both. I think this time I'll leave you all with a link to a little game I have found to be rather fun. Viva Caligula! - Have fun everyone!

~DA Telona Murrage

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