Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

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Greetings Members of the Royal Clan,

This marks my 4<sup>th</sup> official report since being appointed to Proconsul. A ton has happened in that time, mainly Reclamation. I will cover Reclamation briefly, but the meat of this report will cover the period after Reclamation up to this point.




Nimhiuil: Promoted from Apprentice to Novice

Velrogh Aeternus Malevolu: Promoted from Apprentice to Novice

Toivious: Promoted from Acolyte to Protector

Deorc Rabhas: Promoted from Novice to Acolyte


Nihil Zayne: Dark Cross

Braecen Kaeth: Seal of Loyalty

Lucien Kaeth: Seal of Loyalty

Thran Occasus: Seal of Loyalty

Impetus Korin: Seal of Loyalty

RevengeX Palpatine: Seal of Loyalty

Kalak Ragnose: Seal of Loyalty

Phoenix Palpatine: Seal of Loyalty


Some of these are the remainder from Reclamation, others are from other competitions. This is also where I will list Legions of the Scholar and Clusters of Fire, just because they are competition medals, even though they aren’t crescents per say.

  • Braecen Kaeth: Legion of the Scholar, 3 Emerald Crescents, 2 Sapphire Crescents, Amethyst Crescent, Ruby Crescent

  • Lucien Kaeth: Sapphire Crescent

  • RevengeX Palpatine: Legion of the Scholar, 2 Emerald Crescents, 6 Sapphire Crescents, Amethyst Crescent, 10 Clusters of Fire

  • Cuchulain Palpatine: Emerald Crescent, Sapphire Crescent, Amethyst Crescent, Topaz Crescent

  • Yeldarb Vohkou: 2 Emerald Crescents, Topaz Crescent, 3 Clusters of Fire

  • Malaki: Emerald Crescent, 2 Sapphire <>Crescents, Amethyst Crescent, 37 Clusters of Fire

  • Blade: Amethyst Crescent, Topaz Crescent, 2 Clusters of Fire

  • Kat Pridemore: Sapphire Crescent, Amethyst Crescent

  • Timbal: Emerald Crescent, Amethyst Crescent

  • Nokkon Wud: Emerald Crescent, Sapphire Crescent

  • Tyno: Amethyst Crescent

  • Angelo Dante: 2 Emerald Crescents, Amethyst Crescent, Ruby Crescent, 29 Clusters of Fire, Pendant of Blood

  • Dakari Kaeth: Amethyst Crescent

  • Prajna Berkana: Emerald Crescent, Sapphire Crescent

  • Niemand Machweg: Amethyst Crescent

  • Anga Salinas: Legion of the Scholar

  • Yzarc Kaeth: Legion of the Scholar

  • Cethgus: Emerald Crescent, Topaz Crescent, 12 Clusters of Fire

  • Gavan Sykes: Sapphire Crescent

  • Corin: Topaz Crescent

  • Koskian: Emerald Crescent, Sapphire Crescent

  • Rasilvenaira StormRaven: Topaz Crescent

  • Rayne: Emerald Crescent

  • Robin Hawk: Topaz Crescent

  • Tra’an Reith: Sapphire Crescent


The Saga

Ends 1st December

SA Trivia- Every Saturday at 1pm EST

SA 5000th Course Ends Some time soon

DJB Gaming Nights Runs continuously Mon-Fri

Dark Brotherhood: Infinities Ends 30th Nov


Empire's Retreat Ends 1st Feb 08

Guild Building Ends 1st Dec

SWG Caption Comp Ends 1st Feb 08

Clan Scholae Palatinae

Cooch's Abuse Of Power Competition! Ends 16th November

CSP Gaming Night All-Star Monthly Awards

CSP ACC All-Star Monthly Awards

CSP Shadow Academy All-Star Monthly Awards

CSP Trivia All-Star Monthly Awards

General Wikipedia Competition Ends 31st December

CSP Trivia Events Weekly Event, 2pm EST on Saturdays

CSP Character trivia Ends Dec

Reclamation Aftermath Ends 28th Nov

A Christmas Story Starts 14th Nov, ends 28th Nov

House Acclivis Draco Only

What If... Ends 31st December

Hunt of Fun! Ends 9th Nov

A Path In Darkness Ends 5th Dec

Turkey Hunting! Ends 19th Nov

Universal Children's Day Starts 19th Nov, ends 26th Nov

In Acclivis Draco, Thanks Gives You Starts 12th Nov, ends 21st Nov

House Caliburnus Only

Deadly Deceptions Home Page! Running now until 2nd December!!

Deadly Deceptions Event 1 Ends 11th November

Deadly Deception Event 2 Ends 11th November

Deadly Deceptions Event 3 Starts 12th Nov, ends 18th Nov

Deadly Deceptions Event 4 Starts 12th Nov, ends 18th Nov

Deadly Deception Event 5 Starts 12th Nov, ends 18th Nov

Deadly Deceptions Event 6 Starts 19th Nov, ends 25th Nov

Deadly Deceptions Event 7 Starts 26th Nov, ends 7th Dec

Deadly Deceptions Event 8 Starts 26th Nov, ends 2nd Dec

Deadly Deception Event 9 Ends 2nd December

Deadly Deceptions Event 10 Ends 2nd December

House Dorimad Sol Only

HDS Wiki Ends 19th Nov

HDS Base Creation Ends 5th December

HDS Seal Ends 5th December

Banshee Brigade

Warcry Starts 7th Nov, ends 14th Nov

Banshee Standard Starts 7th Nov, ends 28th Nov

Gaming Nights

Gaming Nights are every Weekday. Matches are made in #dbgaming on the Undernet IRC Server. All matches must be made in this channel in order to be legal. All DB Supported Star Wars games are played on these nights and are a great way to earn yourself more Clusters of Fire to get to that next Clan Power level!

Shadow Academy


  • Velrogh: Lightsaber Studies, Conflict Mediation, Sith CORE, Dark Brotherhood Basics, ACC Initiates

  • Sauni: Conflict Mediation

  • Seast: Astronomy, Alchemy, History of the Sith Empire I, Pre-Republic History

  • Stolz: Lightsaber Studies, Conflict Mediation, Astronomy, Obelisk CORE, ACC Initiates, Alchemy, History of the Sith Empire II, Pre-Republic History, Force Philosophy, Capital Starship Studies, Weapons Basics, Starfighter Studies

  • Braecen: Obelisk CORE, Dark Brotherhood Basics, Force Philosophy, Grammar

  • Anga: Krath CORE

  • Xathia: Krath CORE, Obelisk CORE, Leadership Studies, Leadership Fundamentals

  • Yeldarb: Krath CORE, Grammar, Runon

  • Natth: Alchemy, History of the Sith Empire I, Force Philosophy

  • Cuchulain: Conflict Mediation, Dark Brotherhood Basics, grammar, Leadership Fundamentals

  • Nokkon: Lightsaber Studies, Conflict Mediation, Krath CORE, Dark Brotherhood Basics, ACC Initiates, Alchemy, Force Philosophy, Leadership Studies, IRC Basics

  • Castor: Astronomy, Sith CORE, Dark Brotherhood Basics, ACC Initiates, Alchemy, Capital Starship Studies, AOL Instant Messenger

  • Lucien: Krath CORE, Leadership Fundamentals

  • Kosk: Lightsaber Studies, Weapons Basics

  • Prajna: Grammar, Runon, Test Of Wisdom

  • Deorc: ACC Initiates

  • Luciferus: Conflict Mediation, Krath CORE, Grammar

  • Keinan: Conflict Mediation, Krath CORE, Obelisk CORE, Dark Brotherhood Basics, ACC Initiates, Alchemy, History of the Sith Empire I, Pre-Republic History, AOL Instant Messenger, Weapons Basics, Leadership Studies, Starfighter Studies, Poetry, Leadership Fundamentals

  • RevengeX: Leadership Studies

  • Nihil: Conflict Mediation, IRC Basics

  • Fionn: Obelisk CORE, Leadership Studies

  • Kelivar: Dark Brotherhood Basics

  • Banshee: Obelisk CORE, Dark Brotherhood Basics, IRC Channel Operator

  • Frindsor: History of the Sith Empire I

  • Draco: Test of Wisdom, IRC Basics

  • Robin Hawk: AOL Instant Messenger

  • Angelo Dante: Chamber of Justice

  • Xeon: IRC Basics

  • Dakari: Dark Brotherhood Basics

New Members

The Atrix


Velrogh Aeternus Malevolu


IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is the Brotherhood’s most used means of communication between members next to email. IRC allows all members of the Dark Brotherhood to talk in real time, getting answers to questions and generally having a good time talking with the other members of not only your Clan, but other Clans as well. I urge you all to join us in #scholae on the Undernet server of IRC soon!

If you need to know more about IRC, the DB has a step by step guide to installing and running IRC, found here: IRC Guide


So, my baby is due any minute now. This means that Phoenix may get an email from me at 3 am one morning informing him of my LoA. Yes, I will be taking a short week and a half LoA after my Maya is born so that I can spend all my time with her. If I even attempted to check email or get on IRC during those 10 days, the wife would quite literally kill me dead. I’m not joking here folks. Ok, maybe a little bit. Suffice it to say I don’t want to see the response of me sitting at the computer yukking it up with you bunch while she’s 3 days out of the hospital with a newborn and the baby is crying. So, I hope you all understand and I will have pictures of course when I come back from my eventual LoA, which could quite possibly happen any minute now.

~Prelate Lucien Kaeth

Proconsul of Scholae Palatinae

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