Grand Master Report


Grand Master Report


"The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."


Hooray for Palpatine and the endless supply of quotes he provides my reports. I picked this particular quote because I am currently finishing off the final touches for the Dark Brotherhood's new Force Powers. This new system will contain 150 Force Powers that will allow our members to customize their character. Each rank in the Dark Brotherhood will be given a specific set of points and those points will then be spent on powers. We hope to have a product to you in the coming weeks. Here is a quick breakdown of the new system:

10 Powers: Initiate to Acolyte

23 Powers: Protector to Dark Jedi Knight

39 Powers: Equites

39 Powers: Elders

39 Powers: Grand Masters

Total:150 Powers<p>

Of these 150 total powers, 36 are order specific, with 12 per order (Elders can use their points in any Order...since you are above Orders :p).<p> Many Bothan Spies have worked hard on this project and we hope everyone likes what we have done. At the very least, it is a major improvement over what we have now! More to come soon!


<p> T:DV and the Dark Voice: I have decided not to select a new Tribune to lead the Dark Voice. Over the past several years the Dark Voice has been less than spectacular and this has led me to look at taking our Newspaper/Newsletter/Periodical in a new direction. Several months ago when I was serving as DGM, Jac and I made a decision to make the Dark Voice a plot vehicle for the Dark Brotherhood. This has yet to happen. So, the next edition of the Dark Voice will be one that is handled by myself, the DGM, and Raken. The DV staff will be restructured, but if you want to remain a writer for the DV, you will be given that opportunity. More to come.<p> New Wiki Tag: Many of you will notice a new Tag on your personal ship entry in the Dark Brotherhood Wiki. This new tag states that coming changes in the Dark Brotherhood will have consequential effects on your personal ship. What does this mean? It means that we are going to introduce an economy in the Dark Brotherhood in the future and you are going to purchase your ship from a list of ships available. The majority of custom vessels in the Dark Brotherhood are going to go away. This includes the DGM's personal ship, Jac's Buffalo Hunter, and all of the other personal ships out there. We put this tag up to prepare everyone for the future changes and to avoid the disputes over whether or not your Strygium Cloaking device is official or not. Here is an example of what the tag looks like:

But Jac said....: Jac put up a news post this week discussing things that he may or may not have approved in the past. This has become a relevant topic because of the many changes coming to the Dark Brotherhood in the near future. There are a lot of things that were approved in the past that are going to have to be modified in the future. Some of these things include the Dungeons and Dragon like Clan Artifacts, personal weapons like the Grenade of Antioch +10 to Troll Defense, personal fighting styles, personal force powers, Clan Force powers, and on and on. The reason that many of these things are being changed or modified is that we need to put them in a framework that will allow them to work within the new systems being created (think possessions, economy, force powers, ect).

Update: Artifact Swapx2: Muz has created images for several new artifacts that will be made available to the Clans in a n artifact trade. I am currently writing descriptions for these artifacts and then they will be offered to the Clans. Repeat: I am attempting to swing us away from Gandalf's Staff/Elminster's Pipe/Dumbledore's pensive type artifacts. Look for a few changes to your Clan Vaults.

DB Wide Competitions: The following DB wide competitions are available for you to participate in:

<li>November Gaming Event:

<li>The Saga Part 1

<li>DB Infinities


Congratulations: Medals: Lokasena, Tarax, Shad, and Dark Amiz on their DCs. Syn and Malisane on their ACs. Shad and Halc on their SCs.

Congratulations: Promotions: All the new peeps!

Congratulations: Work: Muz on all the artwork, Jac on the Force Powers Coding, Raken on the Orders, Tron on the Wiki, Halc on the Wiki police, Darth Vexatus on updating the DB map, BF on the DB wide competition, and Firefox for quaking in his boots in fear of my Guitar Hero 3 skills.

Raken Quote of the Week: "Like, Muz, you've done great this year, here's the Holy Hand grenade of Antioch with +10 against Trolls. Or you give a guy the One Ring to rule them all with +5 Alcohol Absorption or something."

<p>Real Life</p>

The giving Dark Lord: Okay, it is that giving time of the year so I thought I would give a little publicity to two charities. I know, I am a Sith Lord with a Heart of Gold. Feel free to ignore or to contribute.

Child's Play: Since 2003, over 100,000 gamers worldwide have banded together through Child's Play, a community based charity grown and nurtured from the game culture and industry. Over two million dollars in donations of toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in children's hospitals across North America and the world have been collected since our inception.

This year, we have continued expanding across the country and the globe. With over 45 partner hospitals and more arriving every month, you can be sure to find one from the map above that needs your help! You can choose to purchase requested items from their online retailer wish lists, or make a cash donation that helps out Child's Play hospitals everywhere. Any items purchased through Amazon will be shipped directly to your hospital of choice, so please be sure to select their shipping address rather than your own.

When gamers give back, it makes a difference!

Toys for Tos: As we enter the holiday season, we are reminded that there are individuals whom are less fortunate than ourselves; however, we can help bring some hope to them during this holiday season. By making donations to the “Toys for Tots” Foundation, you can help bring a shiny new toy and a message of hope to the youth of America – providing them with the motivation to develop into responsible and productive leaders of the next generation.

Since 1991, the Foundation has collected 64.5 million toys, an estimated 344 million dollars, to supplement local toy drives for the holidays. The objective is to help needy children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas and unite the local communities in a common cause: improving their community for the future.

Please assist the Toys for Tots & United States Marine Corps in their effort to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December this holiday season. Give them the resources to distribute toys as Christmas gifts to children within your local communities. Make a donation in a collection box – positioned in local businesses – by December 22nd to bring a smile to an underprivileged youth.

Iraq Update: Looks like you guys are stuck with me for at least another year. My unit has already deployed to Iraq and I have been in contact with my friends and 13 of us have purchased a satellite internet connection for our trailers. So when I get to Iraq I will have wireless in my living quarters. Yay!?! :p

<p>Final Thoughts</p>

Vacation: Vacation was fun. I appreciate everyone understanding my last two weeks of LoA. Thanks.


Have a good week everyone! If you have an issue or concern, my office is open. </li></li></li></p></p></p></p>

Taldryan Clan Artifact: Codpiece of Fury, +10 to sexual prowess (+20 if used by Shadow)

Taldryan Clan Artifact: DA Syn Kaek. When in play, Kaek shall destroy all medal and promotion requests, at the sacrifice of 30% of his remaining hair.

This line of thinking reminds me of the old EH Magic Trading cards. I think I still have the Sarin card somewhere on my hard drive.

Adding to the Toys for Tots thing; you can find marines at a lot of professional sporting events that collect them before/during the game, so that's always a good opportunity.

And sweet economy/force power crap, looking forward to it.


At this point, 30% would be neglible

Noooooooo! Not the Buffalo Hunter! My Z-95 and I have been through so much!

Is one of the INI-ACO powers "a board with a nail in it" by any chance? I miss that one :P

Damn, we've come a long way haven't we? Awesome work, guys,

cough Force Lightning at Equite1! cough


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