Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Hello all,

As you may or may not know, I’ve been a bit under the weather lately (I’ll spare you the details).

I spent two weeks in a hospital already and I am ready to come home, even though the nurses are cute ;)

I am writing this report in the hospital. People keep asking me; “What the hell is so important on that stupid star wars site of yours?”

(I forgive them, for they know not what they speak of. )

A lot has happened since I’ve been away.

The Ekky comp awards are in and our Phoenix run-on has ended as well.

I was a bit disappointed with the activity in my run-on, but I know you’ll all do better next time.

YES, there will be a next time!!! :D

Awards & Promo’s.

Dark Cross.

Awarded to; 1x Lokasena.

Crescent with Emerald star.

Awarded to; 1x Bubbles, 1x Tirano and 1x Lokasena.

Crescent with Saphire star.

Awarded to; 3x Lokasena.

Clusters of Fire.

Awarded to, 5x Tirano.

From APP to NOV; Lycen Kranos

S.A. Courses passed.

ACC Initiates;Lycen Kranos.

Pre-Republic History;Lycen Kranos.

History of the Sith Empire I;Lycen Kranos.

History of the ,, ,, II;Lycen Kranos.

So, welcome to Lycen Kranos. Good effort, keep it up!!!

That’s it for me, guys. I’m having dinner, watch some tv and tomorrow I can go home.

Asani has been nice enough to post this report. Thank you Asani, you are a life saver!


JH Lokasena Corvinus.

Krath Tetrarch of Phoenix Phyle.


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