Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Greetings Tridens

With Archean on leave I decided to go ahead a combine last weeks report along with this week so far. There is a run-on going on for the non star wars comp that Bloodfyre put out it’s available on the Tarentum message board on the DB site.

Those In Circle 1 Lucius has a couple comps going as well so that is another chance for activity.

AWOL check is complete all inactive members have been taken off the roster!

I’d like to wish Xayun good luck with his transfer to Cestus!

New Members;



Elos = GRD

Raiju = JH

Seth = NOV & then ACO

Stelios = NOV

Milo = NOV

Tanure = NOV



R’deth Bay


Raiju > Adien

Dock > Syn Kaek

Scion < Sharad


SoL~ Dock

Sol~ Korvyn

CFx 8 Adien

CFx 9 Lucius

CFx 3 Sephiroth

CFx 4 Rickson

CFx 3 Xayun

CFx 5 Merlance


Test of Endurance

Lighthsaber Studies

Force Philosophy ~ Seth

Obelisk Core

Sith Empire I

Krath Core ~ Raiju

Starfighter Studies ~Evant

Sith Empire III ~ Odin Vaaj

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