Aedile Report


Aedile Report

-::Greetings Qel Dromans::-

I would like to start off this report by saying that so far I am pleased with the activity coming from our newer Members. Sure the Veterans are alive to an extent but it's you guy's who are doing what most people dont expect in this Club from a new member lol. I appreciate everyone's hard work though and I'd just like to tell everyone to keep it up. There is much to be gained by doing thing's for your House and Clan.

Right now there are quite a bit of thing's running for the Clan competition wise. Personally I would like to see everyone participating in The Great Hunt. It looks fairly simple but fun at that. Remember to include your full ID lines in your submissions or they'll be thrown out and you wont get credit for your hard work. Just a reminder :P

I've updated the House Mailing List so that's taken care of. I would've done it sooner but my simple mind couldnt figure it out...Partially because I never really tried doing it but we wont go into that lol

Xander aka:Slagar is still sick so I guess he's still on a forced LoA. I'm not real sure of his situation so maybe send him some get well soon emails...I dont know he might not even get them....Get well soon if you're reading this!!!

The Prophecy BTL spot is up for grabs. You have until the 22nd of November to apply for the spot. Remember to email you Applications to Xander and myself, cc'ing Mejas and Dash. I sent an email earlier about this so I wont go into any more detail about it here because I'm tired and this is just a quickie update report lol

Clan Competitions:

The Great Hunt Website -

Infinities Run On -,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=3026

DB Competitions:

November Gaming Competition -,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2980

Infinities -,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2997

The Saga, Part 1 -,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2985

Promotions -

APP Sharin has been promoted to NOV!!

SA Exams -

Sharin has completed the Brotherhood Basics Course!

Tuathal Baine has completed the Astronomy Course!

Tuathal Baine has completed the Starfighter Studies!

Draco Maligo has completed the IRC Basics Course!

That's it for this week. There were alot more thing's previously but I didnt add them because I deleted them thinking Slag was going to report lol. Michael Burgos did a shit ton of Exams so kudos for that. Sorry I couldnt add them specifically in the Report.

Get active and have fun!

-::This is the Aedile signing out::-

SWL Quejo Drakai Xyler

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