Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Greetings Shadowmorph.

In the Archanis house competition I was the only one from Shadowmorph who participated in the first round. This shows that no one else in the battle team is active. I can’t stress how important it is to be active and participate in competitions like this one.

If you aren’t active then you will never gain any ranks, and sooner or later you will be put in the rouges list. That is something that I know none of us wants to have happen. A great way to come back and be active is with the current Run On happening on the Archanis message board, Also by being active you are showing your love and support for Archanis and Taldryan.


Competitions- The second part of the big Archanis competition started today. This is an RO on the Archanis message board.

Medals- n/a

Shadow Academy- n/a

Promotions- n/a

We really need to step it up and show Archanis and Taldryan what we can do.

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