Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Malaki sat in his office, waiting for his new colours to arrive, red, the colour of tainted blood. His desks for once was tidy, the room was fairly suitable. In his hand he held a note from his flight leader, and old commander.

“Malaki, your going to have to get me a new sword, im your obelisk combat specialist, but I cant trust a krathy to protect our Ras, so ill stick around for a while.”

The knight chuckled and threw the paper into his bin, which he missed by miles. He got tired at being at his desk and decided to explore. But first paid a visit to the armoury. The knight travelled alone until Nokkon of all people came up to him.

“Sir sir! Do I have to work with that zabrak?!” he quickly said

“Huh? Oh ermm yes take this, combat skills is always needed, don’t worry Cethgus wont bite, learn to be combat specialist and I will try organise something else in time, I guess you just didn’t get the message”

The protector held his hands around a fresh, sharp biting blade, a knife. It was a litch blade, a swift pointy weapon made for good purposes.

Souls of darkness: Battle team report

Clan news

Not much at all going on this week, there’s several cool competitions running clan wise, go earn those shinys!

House News

We have entered week 2 of the Deadly Deceptions, it means aloof our house so I would like to see your names coming in, more the awards the better J

Battle Team News

Not much happened in our battle team this week, only one main thing….

Id like to welcome a change of order, Xathia is now a member of the krath.


Didn’t see anyways medals or awards come in this week, im not disappointed but I do wish to see some come in soon….

Shadow academy/Acc

Nothing at all happening within these, I want to see some progress coming through.

Final thought!

GO participate in house/clan competitions, be well !!!

" The first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed." 16/7/07

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