Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Battle Team Night Hawks Report (16/11/07)


It's been a slow week for the Night Hawks, though some of our members have been active. Faeril Munlear has taken up a position in HLK, so congrats to her are definitely in order! Otherwise, there's still potential for lots of activity with all the things going on DB-wide. More on that in our news at 11 :P


Our Scary Beauty contest so far has not gotten any activity from the BT. Understandable since it's not official and it's been slow for us.

I've got an idea for a BT competition that'll keep you guys busy for a while, and will keep me even more busy grading it. Still gotta talk to Trev about the feasibility of the whole thing, but I think it'll be fun. It'll involve creative character development at first, then we can all have some fun with it. And it'll hopefully be officially approved so there'll be chances for shinies and promotion recommendations :D Don't worry guys, I know Christmas is coming up sooner than we think so it'll be run in stages and hopefully will take a while to complete.

Also, there's Star Wars: Infinities still going on. Take any thing/character/droid/superhero from your fondest childhood memories and pit them against Star Wars :D Naga Sadow vs. Inspector Gadget and all that stuff. Get some submissions in for the BT, I'd love to read what you've got so hit me with it (Not too hard though, please). I know we've got a whole lot of creativity in the BT, so let's show the DB what we've got!


JH Faeril Munlear transfered to House Ludo Kressh to become Tetrarch of the Jade Serpents BT





Shadow Academy Courses passed

PRT Umbra Lux has passed Chamber of Justice with a score of 92 as well as History of the Sith Empire with a score of 96! Well done!


GRD sky has been active in the ACC, keep it up!

PRT Ekeia Iclo has been active in the Training RO set up by Tyren and is really starting to shine and improve :D She's going to be awesome at ROs when she's finished!

GRD Tash Dreytila Yamayura is on a Leave of Absence until the 12th of January due to school work. Real Life kicks in sometimes, but we'll still be here when you get back, Tash. Keep up the schoolwork :P

Closing remarks

It's been slow this week, and I'm hoping that with this big competition coming up that activity will get a bit higher. Besides that, I think things are going well; there haven't been any transfers out of the unit and into the Rogues. Remember guys; if you're submitting something to a competition cc me so that I can plug you in these reports :P Also, I'd love to see just what you all can do!

In Darkness,

GRD Nero Pennant,

Battle-team leader of the Night Hawks, House Marka Ragnos

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