Combat Master Report


Combat Master Report

17 November 2007

Not much in the way of "new" things going on, but it's a good chance to once again remind people of some of the changes that have taken place. .

Championship Ladders

The Championship Ladder is now in the third round, with only 8 participants left. For a random trivia note, there are still 4 CSPers left; 2 Tals and one each from Arcona and Tarentum.

*Custom Weapons *

A lot of people are still having Custom Weapons approved on their Character Sheets. If people want to "waste" points, then that is their prerogative. However, the new system is in effect and I have updated the ACC site to reflect this. I will paste the changes again however:

  • E-mail the [Log in to view e-mail addresses] with a description and image for your weapon

  • The Combat Master will approve/deny the weapon, or make small adjustments the description so that it works within the ACC

  • Your weapon will then be listed on the Custom Weapons List

  • Your character sheet must have points placed within the specific "Weapon Type" of your Custom Weapon to use it in battle.

Basically, you no longer have to put points in directly for Custom Weapons. Instead, you put points in just the weapon types. The Custom slots however must still be used if you wish to have armour or other non-weapon items. The same goes for Sacramental Weapons. You no longer have to put them in a Custom slot, as long as you have the requisite points in the specific weapon type. All other rules governing how many weapons you may bring to a battle still apply.

When putting in your weapons for a battle, try and mention that a certain weapon is located on the Custom Weapon list. Even a simple (CW) next to the weapon name will help the staff to double-check your weapon and that you are able to use it.

*Training Annex Changes *

Just to re-iterate some of the points from my last report. Training is no longer done strictly through the ACC Staff. Instead, any ACC Training is done at the Clan level. Qualification matches however must still be done with an ACC Staff member.

To have a Training Match, you must first find someone within your Clan who you can Train with. Some Clans may have their own "Trainers" or a Master would do as well. This person will then e-mail the specific ACC Trainer, giving them the details of the match so that they may open them. Below are a list of those Trainers and which Clan they are working with

DJK Juda Kodiak Erinos will be in charge of Clan Arcona and Clan Tarentum

DA Sharad Taldrya Hett will be in charge of Clan Taldryan and Clan Naga Sadow

DJK Vexer Thrace will be in charge of Clan Plagueis and Clan Scholae Palatinae

These members are also there in case you have any questions or concerns.

*Deputy Combat Master *

While I've had a few applications, I am still mulling them over. Until any official announcement is made, please feel free to send in your own application. Below are the specifics in what I would like to see in those applications.

  • High e-mail turnaround

  • Experience in the ACC (Combat Learner at the very least)

  • Good working knowledge of Star Wars, including the EU

  • Ideas for ACC improvement (this is the most important portion of the application)

  • Good/Bad of the ACC right now

  • No current DB position higher than QUA (no position at all preferable)

  • Ability to work with current ACC Staff, myself included, without problem

  • In good standing with the bulk of the current DB leadership

  • Explanation of past DB leadership positions

On top of those points, it is vital that you have the ability to deal with everyone in a fair and un-biased manner. As DCM, your "duty" is to the ACC itself. While you would be within a Clan, such ties should never play a factor in any decisions you make. While this is true for all staff, the leaders of the ACC must continue to lead by example. On top of this, know that the DCM would be trained to one day take over as CM. If you do not want to be CM, or can't commit to it, don't apply. If you don't know where you'll be in a few months from now, or have a history of leaving positions quickly, don't apply. Past history in the DB will play a large factor in determining who is chosen. All applications to me, but again there is no set deadline for this, as I want to ensure that whoever is chosen is of the highest quality

*Tip of the Week: Handedness Skill *

Something I will try and put in my reports from now on are little tips or hints for the ACC. This week I will briefly talk about the "Handedness" skill. Information on how to add it to your Character Sheet can be found here. Every CS must have this included, or you won't be able to fight in the ACC. Why is it important? Well, while the points you put in a particular Weapon Skill tells someone how "knowledgeable" you are with that particular weapon type, the Handedness skill tells someone how well you can physically wield that weapon. The two skills work in concert with each other.

Something I've seen however is people trying to be amidexterous. In many cases they are then only able to really handle one "type" of weapon. If you're trying to build a well-balanced character, this is the wrong route to go. Remember, it is very difficult to dual-wield any sort of weapon. But trying to do so then hurts you to effectively only one type of weapon. And in Star Wars, most people aren't running around with swords :P Something else to keep in mind.


As always, if anyone ever has any questions or comments for me, the best place to reach me is through e-mail at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. You can also ask general questions about the ACC on this forum post. Have a great week.

In darkness,

DJM Halcyon Rokir

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