Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Greetings Cestus,

I hope this is finding you lot doing well, having fun, and prospering.

Some of you know me, others do not and I figured I might as well give

myself a shameless plug :P and write a report at the same time.

Anyway without any further adieu here is your first report by your

(not so) friendly neighbourhood Rollmaster:


I'd like to extend a welcome to the following members:

All of us....because we're all in this new thing together...but I digress:

Welcome to APP TERCEPT our newest member!

Also Welcome to ACO Vampre who began in Satal Keto (booo!) and decided

upon Cestus as his new home (yay!)


To PRT SHITEN who through his excellent display of motivation was

selected Assistant Envoy to Cestus. Congrats mate!


AED KAZ: the much coveted Seal of Loyalty

SMOKE: 9 CFs altogehter for gaming night matches competed.


SHITEN passed History of the Sith Empire II

APP TERCEPT Test of Lore

That's it for activity folks.

As an end note, those of you who are Journeymen (Knight and Below) I'd

urge you to USE your Summit and even myself to begin learning how to

take our jobs. I am available if you have any questions, comments,

or concerns. Make us work for our money!

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