Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Sapphire Squadron Report #777 - Jackpot!

-Commander's Word-

Bit more serious this week... seems my mail filters decided to go nuts and threw away most of the MAA mailings over the last 2 weeks. so, the medals section this week is full of everything i've been able to find that i've missed. If i miss something you've done in one of my reports, please let me know!

Ashia has started an AWOL check - see your emails and let us know you're still around!


Joseem Maruuch was given his green formal robes as he attains the rank of Jedi Hunter, beginning the trials towards carrying a saber!


(in order of Roster position, because i'm lazy.)

Anubis was a busy boy these past couple of weeks, picking up 6 Clusters of fire, a Crescent with Emerald Star, one with a Sapphire Star, and a Legion of the Scholar!

Devani picked up a Crescent with Sapphire Star as well, lots of Crescents flying about!

When he wasnt busy being promoted, Joseem picked up a Crescent w/Sapphire Star too

-Squadron Movements-

Kaelin returned after graduating from his basic, welcome back.

Devani followed suit shortly thereafter, causing much fear as the pair of them are in the same place at the same time again.

Davin Olar returned to the squadron, and got busy right away.

-Shadow Academy-

Davin completed his Starfighter Studies, Conflict Mediation and Leadership Fundamentals courses - after my job, are we Davin?


i've decided that since noone actually tried to answer the puzzle from last week, I'm not going to release the answers. Hopefully at some point this week I'll be releasing to the clan a guide to solving these kinds of puzzles, a-la SA course style documentation. As such, there is no additional thing to do this week from my report ;P

In Darkness Serve,

Krath Priest StarLion

Commander, Sapphire Squadron

Dark Librarian of Loki

Dark Jedi Knight Emeritus

Good report.

No StarLion Fan Mail? I'm sad. :(

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