Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Hex Report #7

Yet another week has passed and I see that we have been busy, somewhat. Another one of my Hex only comps have finished and are currently being dusted. A few comps are available for Ektrosians. A few comps are also available for Taldryanites. A few comps more are available to all DB-ers.

This week I’d like to highlight a few things, namely a few comps. The November gaming tourney is what we should take advantage off, play any game(yes, even chess) and get easy CFs. Make sure you report them right.

The second thing is my would be absence from the DB for three days. I am going to a camp somewhere, hope it’s better than Sarin’s Iraq ;).

Oh, and Jac updated the LoA thing. Set it before you go off to outer realms so we don’t think you were killed by a rancor or stuff.

Stuff To Do


Some new comps, others are the November month comps.

oNovember Gaming Competition.

oPlay ANY game and get rewards as if you’re playing for Star Warsy games. I myself can only find people playing JO, it’s sad. But, if you think you have any fun non star wars online games you wanna play with me, feel free to tell me. I have a nice game we can play if you’re interested. Email me.


oDark Brotherhood: Infinities.

o10 days left. Get started guys! (I think it ends on the 28th, not sure)


oThe Saga Part 1

oAgain, another 10 days left. Go finish it off if you’re already started.


oBring Down The Thunder.

oGather ye CFs mateys! LoL. I myself am up to 9(Nine) CFs I think. Yes, a lowly number, but I game non the less.

oOh and I think Vlad said something about the top person having 15 CFs. Wonder who THAT is.


oTal Trivia

oAs usual, submit a trivia so all of us can answer it.


oAED’s Challenge

oVodo’s Ballz Of Fury thing. Game it. Screen Shot it. Send it. To Hel-Pa Sklib. Oh and Vodo too.


oThe game is there.


oThe link for comp details is there.

oEktrosis Wiki Competition.

oA great chance to show off your wiki. A really really great chance to re-do your wiki. Go. See Vardar’s for example. Or Sklib’s.


oWiki Here:


oVardar’s long and picture filled page here:


oSklib’s super page here:


oK, that ends comp listings.

Awards and Shadow Academy Courses.

-No SA Activity this week. I blame myself for not promoting it too much.

-Shadow Academy is here:

-And right, ze medals.

DarkAmiz – Crescent with Quartz Star, CFs x3

Vardar – Crescent with Quartz Star, CFs x2

Raist – Crescent with Topaz Star

-Good job on your medals, Vardar and Raist.

Other Stuff

-Submit to me any ideas for comps. I’ll run it for you so you can win and get crescents.

-I don’t believe any of you deserve any cookies this month. No cookies! (Well, Vardar can have a few. Raist too.)

-Have fun in Iraq Sarin.

-DB has myspace!

-My myspace =

-Add me?

-BF is running a DB Card game comp thing. Create cards and send them to Duga?


-Finish up your Saga and Bf’s Infinities comp.

-Become active. Submit to all comps. All easy comps. Like my previous ones.

-Tell the website you’re on LoA if you are so we know not to delete you from the rosters.

That is all for this week. Forgive me for the later than usual report, it’s just that I’ve been super busy this weekend with a neighbor’s wedding. Think how busy I’ll be if it was MY wedding. LoL. Have a nice week y’all.

In Darkness,

The Sith who is also a Krath,

Tetrarch DarkAmiz

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