Aedile Report


Aedile Report

# House Caliburnus

Aedile Report

_ Yzarc was angry. He finally had been able to get some sleep when Rasilvenaira contacted him on the comlink. Answering it, he furiously spat out, “What?”

“Get up to Dynasty, we’ve got something,” was the reply.

Unaware that he was speaking to Rasilvenaira until she replied, Yzarc apologized for spitting out to her. He then got dressed and headed up to the Dynasty Station to see what was going on.

If the StormRaven really needed him, then it was bad. Real bad.



Deadly Deceptions is almost in its third week! Your participation would be an excellent thing, and it will get you some nice shineys!

Be sure to read the Combat Master’s report, especially if you participate in the ACC.

-> ## Awards <-

Things are going slow this week, Fionn dan Locut’hal brought in the House’s only award, a Legion of the Scholar, congratulations!

-> ## Shadow Academy <-

Banshee passed Conflict Mediation with an excellent score! Good job!

-> ## Antei Combat Center <-

Please comfort Cethgus on his Loss

-> ## New Members <-

Welcome The Atrix to House Caliburnus!

-> ## In Closing <-

Ok, it seems like things are slowing down. Award-wise I can understand. We haven’t judged anything for Deadly Deceptions yet, so I can see why you all haven’t gotten awards. I haven’t seen many Shadow Academy exams, ACC battles, or Clusters of Fire lately.

If you aren’t participating in Deadly Deceptions, do. It’s an easy shiney, making yourself look good. Also participate in out of house competitions and gaming nights. For those who are unaware, gaming nights are every weekday.

Have a good week!

Yzarc Rellik Kaeth


House Caliburnus

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