Consul Report


Consul Report

Consul Report #25

November 18, 2007


So, for those of us living in the U.S., Thanksgiving is coming up, which means lots of food, heh. Some of us are taking LoAs to travel during this week, which is fine. I'll still be here, since all of my family lives within three hours of each other. So, we'll be making a lot of progress this week, hopefully, getting some things done, etc. Anyways, let's get on with the report!

  • Sarin is finishing up the new force powers system, and it looks like it is going to be f***ing sweet. Keep checking the news page for more information on that.

  • If you want a custom weapon in the ACC, make sure to email Halcyon and get it approved before hand, and make sure to keep it reasonable.

  • Be active on the DJBWiki! The Wiki is an awesome tool for record purposes and such, and we want to make sure you all participate in it. Plagueis has several articles that need work on, so if you're willing to help out (and get awarded afterwards) send an email to Ky and myself and we'll set you up with something!

  • Speaking on the Wiki, there is now a Current Events page, and I need someone to help keep that page updated for Clan Plagueis. Are you interested in helping out? Email Ky and me to get the info. Basically, you will just put news that is Plagueis-related on there. Check out what is there now here

  • I'm just going to throw out a little spoiler and say that Clan Plagueis may be gaining several new Equites in the next week or so. What does that mean? If you are currently a Dark Jedi Knight, this might mean you, so I would suggest being as active as you can to help things along, heh.

  • Couple days ago, Vessicant emailed Ky and myself the document with our fleet information, names, all that stuff. I'll be looking at it and critiquing it this week, although I'm sure it rocks. I won't spill anything let, but I think Ky might be leaking a few ship names in his next PCON report, so bug him about that. Vess will also be handling the updating and finished of our old fleet, a history we do not want to lose. Awesome job, Vess!

  • Biographies for Sistros Employees are still being worked on. Vexer is working on three remaining ones, and the others have been split between my student Strats and Ky (who may be willing to contract them out if you ask). Expect these to be finished within a week, week and a half.

  • Both houses are running AWOL checks for their members, and Callus is running a check for all Journeymen. I expect this check to cut down on our dead weight extremely, which will make things a whole lot easier. If you are still here and active, email Callus if you are ranked below DJK, or Cipher/Vithril OR Kal/Arcadian depending on what house you're in.

  • Kal is currently working on some ideas for a short-term promotion system that will help all our members get promoted into the Equite ranks faster. More on that in the future

  • Callus is working on a clan-wide vendetta that will revolve around the Crimson Tide. It will have several events, all leading up to a huge run-on at the end that Ky and I will handle. This should run in December, if things run smoothly.

My Attack of the Bacon competition ends tomorrow, so if you haven’t participated in that yet do so quickly! I've gotten tons of great entries thus far, and will have a hard time selecting my top three winners.

House Exar Kun and Satal Keto are mainly focusing on their AWOL checks right now, afterwards they will start shooting out competitions for you all, but there is a Brotherhood-wide competition that I would like to highlight.

Dark Brotherhood Infinites is where you basically write a fiction detailing a battle between any two fictional character you want, Star Wars or not. You want Magneto and Superman, or Yoda and Mini-Me? Go ahead and write it. Send your entries to Bloodfyre, competition ends November 30th, so you've still got plenty of time to participate. Details can be found here.


  • New force powers will be released soon

  • Participate in the Wiki! Volunteer for keep current events updated for Plagueis!

  • New fleet and Sistros Bios will be completed soon, but there's still much more to complete, so volunteer!

  • Don't miss out! Reply to your respective AWOL Checks to stay on the roster!

  • Read up the Crimson Tide, there will be a clan vendetta revolving around them in the coming weeks.

  • Participate in the Dark Brotherhood Infinites competition!

Sith Warlord Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar

Consul of Plagueis

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