Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Sure enough, things were coming together... Vithril stood behind her, silent as she gazed out the window as she frequently did.

~It has been too long brother...~ her voice chimed to him.

~Indeed it has...~ came his silent reply.

She turned to him, her eyes catching the dim light of the room and sparkling ever so slightly. ~It is time... Assemble the house, and have them prepare. The storm is upon us, and I fear that few will survive...~ she foretold, her words lingering in their minds.

I have named my AED as many of you know. KAP Vithril Isradia has been 'brought out of the mothballs' so to speak and is back in action. With him comes a tide of changes that have been a long time in coming. We are preparing to unleash our 'fury' and see what this house can do. Prepare... that's all I can say for now.

I know I missed my report last week, but I've been busy lately. I just started my job and I'm settling in there nicely. So now, I'm in a routine of sorts and should be good to go from now on.

Congrats to Valanis who was promoted to NOV!!! wOOt! Congrats are also in order for Raza Adas who was promoted to JH!! Way to go!

No awards this past couple weeks... :( I want to see more medal req's in my inbox!!! There will be more comps in the VERY near future...

Alaris Jinn has been very busy lately and has passed: CP history, Astronomy, and Conflict Mediation
Caedo has passed Obelisk Core, which means he has passed all order core exams. :D
Jevarri Droden has passed the General Leadership course
Last but not least, Kor VanTil has passed the weapons Basics course.

Way to go people! Good effort!!


PRT Alaris Jinn vs. DJM Halcyon Rokir - Victor: DJM Halcyon (Keep trying Alaris!!)

ACO Jevarri Droden vs. DJK Vexer Thrace - Victor: ACO Jevarri Droden (AWESOME!!)

JH Raza Adas vs. DJM Halcyon Rokir - Victor: DJM Halcyon (Try again when you come back to us Raza.)

Welcome to APP Xieon and APP Tailon Kelesk!! (I'll be in contact with you both shortly)

KAP Vithril Isradia - IN from Rogues - became my AED. :D

Um... I'm not entirely sure what comps are running. Check the competition page on the main DB page. I seem to have lost track of what's running... :S

Various Graphics

Omicron Station Wiki Creation(I know... still)

Kapsina Wiki Update

Boosting activity within the ranks, especially APPs...

Vithril "Iron Boot" Isradia is back in EK... ;)

Factoid of the Week: My favorite food is pasta. Mmmmm... noodles.

Vithril and I are preparing a salvo of comps... keep your inboxes open and get ready to impress us and your housemates!!

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