Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Right then guys … we’re into the final days of The Great hunt so let’s keep up the effort and keep netting those points. By our reckoning we should be doing pretty well .. :P But let’s keep moving on it..

Again I’ll point you to the RO, its stalled for the time being but try to be looking towards making a post or two once we’ve wrapped up this great hunt thing. It’s a shame to see it stall just when the action is about to start..

I’m also going to give you a little heads up on a pair of competitions starting in a couple of days … The first is Modify the Drexl. This a quick and easy one to do, I’m not expecting much a paragraph or two and if you feel like it you can always draw something it’s rather open ended. The eventual plan is to get a series of modifications done to the Drexl to better suit her for our role and the final design will most likely incorporate pieces from everyone’s work.

You can find that here:


The second is a little bit different. I’m trying something that the BHG did but with a twist on it considering the current galactic situation .. Solo Missions. You get to choose from a list of Yuuzhan Vong character sheets and basically get to write about your character killing them. It should be a lot of fun and I’m interested in getting some feedback from people on what they thought of the whole thing so hopefully we can twist this into some sort of regular event .. anyways I ramble on so now onto the rest…



Cluster of Fire (29)

Pendant of Blood (1)

And that’s about it guys .. good job over the last week it’s been a great effort now let’s pull through for the last couple of days …

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