Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Hi everyone! Time for another word from your RollMaster/Envoy, aren't you excited? waits Not excited or are you so excited you can't breathe? hears crickets chirping Oh alright enough silliness and down to business.

As stated in the latest Clan address we are now searching for a new Quaestor and Aedile. Give some time to thank Kromtal and Frosty for leading the House and if you feel like sharing your warm thoughts of them right here then hit the reply button. As often happens life does constrain our time and it does it no matter if we are in a leadership position or if we are just a member of a battle team. I thank Kromtal and Frosty for leading the House, I wish them the best, and I hope to see them come back as highly active members once more.

For now I guess I'll be in charge of things. If you need anything at all give me an email and I'll be on it. If you want to chit-chat my AIM is TelonaM, my MSN is [Log in to view e-mail addresses] (Don't send any emails there), and I do sometimes get on IRC but you'll be more likely to find me through those two chat programs. I do share my computer with my husband, attend classes, and I work third shift (nights) so my schedule can be a little goofy. I will try to be available this week between the Eastern Standard times of 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Monday - Friday. Thursday will be messed up since that's Thanksgiving for us USA type people and I've got an old friend coming in from out of state over the weekend so I'm probably not going to be on any chat program then. I am always available through email so use that extensively.

Ok, well enough about me and let's get down to business. If you are interested in becoming the next QUA or AED now is the perfect time to write up an application and send it in to Sith and Armus. If you need inspiration on what to write up look to the Clan address. I'll be happy to look over your application if you so desire but honestly your application is your own expression of what you know you can do for the House and what you'd like to do for it. My opinions might differ and I don't want that to reflect on your application. This is not something that is restricted to certain ranks, if you are an Apprentice you too can submit an application. I wish everyone luck!

The only medal given out since my last report were five Cluster of Fires for Selket. If you are wondering just how to go about nabbing medals feel free to fire an email my way or participate in the competitions I've listed below. Above all, get out there and have some fun. Oh and remember to CC me, Sith, and Armus for now. Why CC? So you can get promotions for your activity too. :)

Writing Competitions

The Sage, part 1,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2985

Dark Brotherhood: Infinities,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2997

Gaming Competitions

November Gaming Competition,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2980

Imperial Retreat (For those of you who play Star Wars Galaxies),%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2986

Guild Building (For those of you who play SWG and are part of the DBPA Guild),%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2987

Gaming Nights,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2872

Other Competitions

Caption Contest,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2988

Tarentum Trivia (maybe),%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2652

SA Trivia,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2381

That's about it from me. I am here for you all so don't hesitate to contact me should you need, want, or desire anything. For those of you in the US, enjoy the holidays, for those outside the US go stuff yourself with good food anyways! Have fun everyone!

~DA Telona Murrage

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