Justicar Report


Justicar Report

CoJ Wiki Pages Completed

As I announced in a previous report, I have been working on a number of new CoJ-related wiki pages. Today I have finished these pages, and they are available as a resource for everyone. I will most likely be changing some of the SA's Judicial Certification Course to reference this material.

Also you may notice that the Wiki no longer contains a complete, updated copy of the Dark Covenant. The copy that was posted was very out of date, and we determined that there isn't a need for two updated copies, therefore the current wiki page merely contains a link to the Covenant's own webpage. I will be putting more content on the wiki page, most likely some historical information, once I decide exactly what I can put together.

Here are the new pages:

Past Chamber of Justice Cases

This page contains a list of all the cases the Chamber has had, much like the one on the CoJ website. However, this page also links to all the newly created wiki pages for each individual case. The case pages all contain the basic case information, a case summary, any wrelevant news postings, the Justicar's opinion, and any points of interest from each case. Reading these pages - especially the opinions and points of interest - is a great way to gain a better understanding of the DB's judicial system and how it has developed. The case list is completely up-to-date.

Chamber of Justice Communiques

This page contains a general description of the Communique and it's uses. It also has the entire text, posting date, author, and relevant case links for every Communique the Chamber has published. The communique list is complete up-to-date.

Policies of the Chamber

This page contains the current CoJ policies and their descriptions. These include ex post facto, statute of limitations, admissibility, etc. These are crucial for anyone who wishes to understand the intricacies of the Chamber system.

Chamber Trial Types

This page contains the various trial types the Chamber currently uses and has used, along with a description of mediation, etc.

Judicial Sentencing

This page contains a list and description of all the sentences the Chamber of Justice hands out to defendants who are found guilty.

CoJ Clone Program

This page contains a detailed description of the Clone Amnesty program, IP sweep, and the subsequent prosecutions which resulted.

Original Dark Covenant

This is more of a historical page, it contains a copy of the original Dark Covenant, first posted on the old message boards by Telaris "Mav" Cantor. It is interesting to read over, as it is the first step to the Covenant we use today.

Other than that, the Brotherhood has been very quiet on my end lately. Just a reminder that the Right Hand of Justice position will be opening up at the beginning of January, so if you think you might be interested, start working on the CoJ SA Course , which you must complete in order to apply.

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