Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

<head> <title>Class Plagueis ProConsul Report</title> </head>


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_ About time for another report. This clan has gone through lots of leadership changes in the last few

weeks. Hopefully everyone is setteling in now. There are a few comps that I have running. Both are

listed in this report. Also take a look at the bottom of the report. since we have a lot of new

members who probably don't know a lot about some of our fictional history and current conflict with

Crimson Tide I am featuring a story that was put together. I will have more of it each week to get

members caught up. _


<fieldset> <legend><big><big>Quote of the Week </big></big></legend>

<dl> <dt>Aabsdu </dt><dd>"Who's got op now bitch?" </dd></dl>

Want to get your quote here and get a shiny for it? Let me hear your funny and witty comments in

everyday emails and IRC. =)

<small>[Comp Details](



<fieldset> <legend><big><big>Identify That Song </big></big></legend>

<dl> <dt>First person to email with the name of the band and the title of the song

gets a crescent.

</dt><dd> I need to fix this first

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<small>[Comp Details](



<fieldset> <legend><big><big>Recognizable Mentions </big></big></legend>

<dl> <dt>This week I get the honor of reporting on some new Equites! Yay!!

</dt><dd>Galaphile from Dark Jedi Knight to Templar </dd><dd>Vexer Thrace from Dark Jedi Knight to Warrior

</dd><dt>Some Special Medals

</dt><dd>Cipher K'oranian Isradia was awarded an Anteian Cross </dd><dd>Kaliidrad "Kal" Mortashka Vorrac was awarded an Anteian Cross </dd><dd>Ky Terrak was awarded an Anteian Cross


<fieldset> <legend><big><big>Welcome to Plagueis </big></big></legend>

<dl> <dt>New Members </dt><dd> We have had a large influx of new members so make sure you guys make them all feel at home.

  • BraeL into HEK

  • Halt into HEK

  • Jeran kerus into HSK

  • dante sparda into HEK

  • Valanis into HEK

  • Luchan into HSK

  • Lexanos Tiphaeria into HEK

  • Turwaithiel into HSK

  • Daemon White into HEK

  • Vithril Isradia into HEK

  • Dark Leo into HSK

  • vampre into HSK

I also wanted to say goodbye to Lacey. She has decided to go rouge. We will miss you =(.


<fieldset> <legend><big><big>Promotions </big></big></legend>

<dl> </dl>

<font color="#5dfc0a">Since all promotions are super awesome here they are. Congrats your


  • te me nekaka from Acolyte to Protector

  • Jeran kerus from Apprentice to Novice

  • Alaris Jinn from Acolyte to Protector

  • Aiden Shadowsong from Apprentice to Novice to Acolyte

  • Kai deltorez from Acolyte to Protector

  • Lexanos Tiphaeria from Apprentice to Novice

  • torimis from Acolyte to Protector

  • Luchan from Apprentice to Novice

  • Valanis from Apprentice to Novice

  • Raza from Guardian to Jedi Hunter

There is are four of new PRTs. The race is on, who will get to DJK first?


<fieldset> <legend><img src= """><big><big>Plagueis Shadow Academy Course </big></big></legend>

<dl> </dl>

<font color="#5dfc0a">Remeber there is currently a comp for this so go take it.</font>

  • Kor VanTil

  • Silent

  • Caedo

  • Alaris Jinn


<fieldset> <legend><big><big>Plagueis Updates and Misc. </big></big></legend>

<dl> </dl>

<dt><font color="#5dfc0a">Planet History Updates</font> <dd>We are currently in the process of updating our planet histories to include the GJW, so if anyone

is interested in helping just let me know.

<dt><font color="#5dfc0a">Master Student Program</font> <dd>We are making sure that ALL members that dont have either a master or a student that can does so if

you are either a PRT to JH and dont have a master then let me know or if your qualified as a master and

dont have a student then also please let me know.

<dt><font color="#5dfc0a">Antei Combat Centre</font> <dd>We are currently trying to get EVERYONE qualified for the <font color="#5dfc0a">Antei Combat

Centre</font> so if you are not qualified and would like some help please let us know. We will work

with you and get you the training and guidance that you require.


<fieldset> <legend><big><big>Crimson Tide </big></big></legend>

Four years ago, Battle Team Exar's Shadow captured criminal Alonzo Bodelle on the planet of Eden. They

interrogated him to no extent, but were unable to get any useful information out of him. Then, silently

during the night, and small group of pirates invaded Diadem Fortress. They released Alonzo from his

cell, killed three younglings, and stole blueprints for Diadem Fortress. When the break-in was

discovered, the house summit immediately decided that it was time to act, and they sent Battle Team

Blades of Kun, run by Thran Ocassus, and Battle Team Exar' s Shadow, run by Aabsdu Dupar, after the


A race quickly insured, and the two forces fought throughout space. The small band of pirates,

unrelated to the Crimson Tide but hired by Calliban Crimson to free Alonzo, managed to hold back the

dark jedi long enough to enter hyperspace, but the two teams followed. They came out over the planet of

Dathomir, and a fierce space battle ensued. While Blades of Kun led the fight against the pirates

forces in space, Exar's Shadow invaded the capital ship. They placed bombs over the entire ship, and

started searching for Alonzo Bodelle.

As the bombs started to go off around the ship, the battle team forces had to prepare to leave or else

die with the ship, so they left, sure that Alonzo and the pirate captain Darian Narios were dead. They

were unaware, however, of the frantic battle ensuring inside the capital ship itself... (24 ABY)

<dl> <dt>Chapter 1: Beginning of the End </dt><dd>

Captain Darian ran through the halls of his ship, the Treasure Chest, sirens going off everywhere as

explosion after explosion buckled the hull. He was thrown into the wall after the entire hallway shook

from a bomb, but quickly got back to his feet and continued on. His ship, his crew, and possibly

himself were about to die all because they agreed to take some damn job. Alonzo had promised it

wouldn't come to this, and now the captain was going to pay with his life for being too trustworthy.

He ran around the corner and stopped, finally where he wanted to be. The hallway had nothing but ten

escape pods on one side. Three had been broken for some time now, and six had already been launched.

That left one, just enough for him.

Narios stepped up to the last escape pod, and started punching in codes for launch. He'd make his way

to the surface of Dathomir, and find a way off planet from there. A mercenary's life was getting to be

too much for him, he's was too old for it. Darian was thinking about something more in the business

area... well... legal business. The green light blinked, and he got ready to step into the pod.


A noise behind him caused him to stop in his tracks, and he turned around just as a bright flash filled

the room. Something struck his leg, what seemed like a blaster bolt, and he yelped before falling to

the floor. When he got his senses back, he looked up into the face of Alonzo Bodelle, his yellow teeth

grinning widely on his blood red face.

"Bastard," the captain said.

Alonzo said nothing for a second, as if thinking over the implications of what Darian had just said,

until, "Yes," and then swung his blaster, striking Darian in the head and knocking him out. The

Devaronian turned and walked into the prepped escape pod. Then, with a few simply buttons, shot himself

towards Dathomir...



Still fighting in space, Commander Aabsdu Dupar looked at his radar as a small escape pod shot off from

the pirate ship. He spun his small fighter around, and flew towards it.

"Guys," he said to the rest of his team through their com system, "We've got a small pod heading

towards the planet, I want it..."

He was cut off as a large explosion erupted from the pirate ship, breaking it into two pieces and

sending all the fighters flying through space. When they finally gathered control of their fighters

once again, the Treasure Chest was falling towards Dathomir, and the escape pod was out of view.

Thran pulled up alongside Aabs and spoke into the intercom, "Wanna go after the pod?"

"No, it probably malfunctioned when the explosion started. Let's get out of here, our mission is

accomplished. There's no way Alonzo survived that."

The two teams turned and made their way back towards the Hell's Iris, and home. Aabsdu affored himself

only one look back at the falling pieces of wreckage, something in his gut warning him not to leave

yet. He was a Dark Jedi Knight, though, and he has learned not to rely on his gut, only the force. As

for the latter, it was dead silent.



The small escape pod carrying Alonzo Bodelle shot through the atmosphere of Dathomir. A flash above

told him that the pirate ship had been destroyed, and after seeing no fighters he assumed the dark jedi

had left thinking him dead.

How wrong they were. His plan had worked perfectly. While he had wished to bring the pirates with him

to join the Crimson Tide, he would just have to make way with what he did have. The villain laughed,

blueprints to Diadem Fortress safely in his hand. A light blinked, and he started the preparation to




</dd><dd>Tune in next week for some more =)



_ "Verd ori’shya beskar’gam” _



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well as much as i love the rec. i hate to inform you that ive been a PRT for sometime. lol but thank you. also i did the test today so you should be getting my results from Aabs

yeah it was just since my last report =)

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