Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


Its been a slow moving month but as we creep closer to the holidays we will see this, people travel, have real life obligations. On that note if your going to be gone for more than a week please let me know.

LoA: Daar is currently on an LoA due to schooling requiring him to be onsight for an internship of sorts.

I expected this as well as Assassin's Creed was released this month so all of you would be assassin's with an 360 or a PS3 are hard at work :)


The House competition has continued, CV winners were announced Daar took second and I took first in the CV aspect of Part One. Part Two the run on is on the boards. Go to it have fun.

With Thanks giving a week away I am pretty much writting activity off as many of the College kids are on vaction and not near a computer, and people do travel a little for it. So I am looking for a December first activity rate to be higher then we do it all again for Christmas and New years.

Our activity is not bad for this time of year, Itachi was promoted last report, we got winners in the house competition. Good work all


Daar: Cluster of Fire

Good job Daar!


Several of you have emailed me things regarding LoA's and r/l activities thank you it makes me happy to see us at lease communicating better.


It seems to be a quieter place, thank you for your efforts there in making all the past months drama go away, Good work!

Short report but these holiday reports I don't expect will be too full of things.

In Darkness


JH Eludajae M'Nar (Krath)/TET/Archanis of Taldryan [PA: SMN] [ACC: INI]

Cr-1R-3A-1S-2E-1T-2Q / DSS-BL / S:-4P

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