Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Jade Serpents Battle Team Report #1 11/23/2007


So this is my first week as Battle Team Leader of the Jade Serpents! I've been settling in nicely. We've just recently finished an AWOL check so you will notice that some members have been switched out and at least one added in. We will be adding more active members in soon!


There are still some interesting competitions going on site wide that you can participate in! Below are a list of just a few.

The Saga: For those of you who enjoy writing, The Fiction Tribune Office is running this competition which lasts over a 3 month period of time. Each month you'll be given a plot to follow. Awards will be given each month for the best submissions, and those who hang in all 3 months to bring their stories into one whole work will have a chance to win the competition overall!

More details for this competition can be found here

November Gaming Competion: Click me!

Dark Brotherhood: Infinites: Ever wanted to see a battle between the X-Men and the cast of Heroes? Then write it! This writing competition seems like a lot of fun and has limitless possibilities! You can pair off your character vs. one of your favorite comic book or fantasy/sci-fi villains or have some of your favorites fight against each other. It's your story, so you tell the outcome! Go here for more information.

A Just Thanksgiving: Click here for more information. All submissions should be sent to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by Sunday evening.

Steal Macron's Diary: Also, one just for Clan Naga Sadow is a comp running on the message boards that includes a mix of drunken debauchery and other antics all so some of our fellow Clan members can get their hands on Macron's diary. It can be found here.

Transfers So the AWOL check has come and gone!

Those transferring out:

Karale Striste


Gordan Wrath





We will be adding more members here soon, but this week we do have one new member.

Welcome to Naiia!

Remember, if you were removed, but do plan on being active you can contact me, Ash or Tsingtao and we can add you back in.


Lamber promoted to Novice

Naiia promoted to Apprentice, then promoted to Novice

Cadavus promoted to Acolyte


None this week

Shadow Academy Courses

Lamber- Passed ACC Initiates Course

Faeril Munlear- Passed Krath Core

Falling Light- Passed IRC Basics Course

Naiia- Passed the Test of Lore, Brotherhood Basics, Sith Core & IRC Basics Course


Lamber updated his Character History.

Falling Light and Naiia both visited the Clan on IRC! and Naiia has also registered and posted on the messageboards.

Closing Remarks

To all those in the US spending time with their families right now, and hopefully dodging the scary after Thanksgiving shopping, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'd also like to thank all of you who responded to the AWOL check and also to all of the members of the Battle Team who have been keeping busy. Keep up the good work!

Stay tuned Jade Serpents for upcoming competitions just for you! Also, keep an eye out for information regarding a run-on that Tsingtao, StarLion, Ash and myself are working on to help train our newer members. Remember if you have any questions or suggestions, just poke me on IRC or drop me a line at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

In Darkness,

Faeril Munlear

Tetrarch of the Jade Serpents Battle Team, House Ludo Kressh

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