Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Yes yes yes .. a little late this week I know but bear with me people…

It’s been slow recently, most likely the small slump in activity we usually see after any main competition ends .. and the competition ending is pretty much taking up the bulk if the not the entirety of my report .. anyhows .. we did it. Congratulations Soulfire we’ve officially established what we and the rest of the clan (although they refuse to admit it) that we are the best. After netting more points than the rest of the clan combined I think anyone thinking differently deserves a public and Dashesque beat down capiche? But seriously guys .. great effort. I’ve seen some great grind from you guys recently with Great Hunt being the major focuses of our however you lot have still found time for more .. Mal taking King of the Hill and Juda with his comic strip it’s been a good couple of months for Soulfire even if the clan hasn’t faired as well.

Now, the medals and stuff which will be dolled out informally as I am now running late for university but really .. sod it .. I don’t want to go in today .. in fact I really don’t you see I’ve this test of Data Flow Diagrams .. they’re about as interesting as watching paint dry and are as sophisticated as a game of connect four .. really the level of work I imagined doing when I thought of university .. plus the lecturer’s a bitch, she threatened to chuck me out last week for being noisy .. noisy? Noisy!?!? How am I supposed to make noise when I’m asleep on the bloody desk women?!

Anyway rant over and report can continue…


Cluster of Fire (6)

Competitions guys…

There are three running that I want us to focus our immediate efforts on if possible. Firstly there’s that RO, let’s get this up and running again .. I’m still waiting on Mal’s couple of posts but seeing the other Soulfirian faces wouldn’t be a bad thing either. Next up is the modify the Drexl comp, simple, quick and easy .. basically a straight up medal give away there guys .. all I want really is a paragraph .. it doesn’t have to be well written so long as the point gets across. Third and finally is the one you’ve been waiting for, the Solo missions comp. This will be fun and could develop into a fantastic platform for future clan use .. all will be decided at the close of this instalment so make it count, details on the board.

Apart from that that’s it guys .. what I was imagining to be a short report has actually expanded slightly but anyhow I don’t have to read it so I don’t really care .. now I;f you’ll excuse me I think I’ve got time for a quick shag before I really do have to leave…

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